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Adult Education Program Prepares Adult Learner for Career Change

Adult education program prepares an adult learner for a career change and more

Jaime Wiebe worked in finance and accounting. After having her first child, she realized she wanted to reinvent herself by exploring a career that was more rewarding and fulfilling.

Wiebe had always been passionate about teaching and helping others, so when the opportunity to work as a GED Instructor at a Women's Correctional Centre arose, she decided to go for it.

“I love what I am doing, it is the most rewarding opportunity I've ever been blessed with in my life. These women inspire me, humble me, and motivate me every day."

To enhance her skill set, she enrolled in the Certificate in Adult Education offered online through the University of New Brunswick. Although Wiebe considers herself a lifelong learner, when she started the program, she was a bit apprehensive.

"I was concerned about being a little rusty. I feared that I wouldn't have the same experiences or the same freshness to academics as some of my fellow classmates," she explained. "On day one, that was all changed. I felt so welcomed."

Wiebe takes all of her courses online and despite not being physically on the campus, she still feels part of the UNB family.

"I've made friends with people in the class. Some of my colleagues from work are enrolled in the program too, so we discuss our courses. The professors have been remarkable," says Wiebe.

Wiebe acknowledges that the biggest challenge in taking online courses is the lack of face-to-face interaction with others. Still, at the same time, it can be beneficial.

"It can also allow you to be open. Especially when you're touching challenging topics which may be difficult discussing in a face-to-face environment," she explains.

Learning online also gives her the flexibility she needs to work around her busy schedule not only as a full-time employee, but also a mother, wife, and homeowner.

"The flexibility of online learning allows me to advance my career and improve the experience of the students I work with. And because it's online, I work at my own pace and can give 100%."

She also urges other students not to be afraid of online learning.

"I would absolutely recommend online learning because it offers flexibility to work with my schedule and my goals."

Thanks to the Adult Education program, Wiebe has gained valuable knowledge and applicable skills that are crucial in her daily interactions at work.

"The course has helped me understand the unique circumstances and situations of others. There are a lot of complexities, it can take an emotional toll, but this program has helped me to be better at what I do," she explains.

Wiebe also notes how the program has had an impact on some of her personal goals.

"I've learned more about myself, which has made me more confident.

She has recommended the program to some of her friends because of how much she's learned.

"The program is powerful. I've had some friends that have not figured out what to do with their lives, and I've been pointing out that maybe this will be something that will help them figure it out."

Lastly, she had advice for anyone thinking about going back to school to complete their education.

"It's not as scary and intimidating as it seems. I know at first it can seem like a big leap, but the hardest part is actually applying."

For more information on the Certificate in Adult Education at UNB, contact the Faculty of Education at 506-453-3508,, or visit

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