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Online Courses Teach Skills to Help Manage Behavioural Challenges

Online Courses Teach Skills to Help Manage Behavioural Challenges in Children and Adults

The University of New Brunswick College of Extended Learning (UNB CEL) offers a series of online modules designed for anyone facing the day-to-day demands of managing behavioural challenges of individuals of varying ages, due to intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, or general behavioural issues.

The Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) for Families and Caregivers is an inexpensive and accessible option for those seeking skills to manage challenging behaviours more effectively.

The program is based on the principles of ABA and consists of online and pre-recorded lectures allowing participants to work at your own pace. An online facilitator is also available to answer questions, discuss experiences or clarify course materials

Courses include:

Behaviour 101 is a foundation course that focuses on understanding behaviour, and why behaviour (both good and challenging) happens.

Reducing Challenging Behaviour covers how to better understand why the individual continues to engage in a particular behaviour and identifies general strategies that could be helpful in reducing the frequency of the practice.

Teaching New Skills aims to provide a better understanding of teaching strategies to help individuals who are struggling to perform everyday activities with a general focus on self-care and self-help skills.

Feeding Difficulties teaches practical strategies and techniques aimed to help those who have a limited diet, refuse to eat, refuse to feed themselves or engage in disruptive mealtime behaviours.

Functional Communication Training highlights strategies to increase appropriate communication skills and decrease inappropriate behaviours used to communicate wants and needs.

Toilet Training provides a framework to help better understand the toilet training challenges and covers various approaches/techniques and practical solutions.

Currently under development are courses on Sexuality and Social Skills.

For more information or to register for the ABA for Parents and Caregivers, or other behavioural intervention programs offered at UNB, please visit our Behavioural Intervention and Autism Programming page, or contact us at 506-447-3449 or 

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