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ZOOM support

NOTICE: As part of UNB's response to COVID-19, Microsoft Teams is now the official solution for alternative delivery method (ADM) at UNB. Support for using Teams is available from ITS and CETL via our support website.

Using ZOOM during COV-19? View the ZOOM COVID-19 support page.

Welcome! This support page provides instructions on how to use ZOOM. Instructions apply to both Free and Pro account types.

  • Basic accounts - Freely available to the public. Allow users to host free sessions up to 40 minutes long. Get a free 'basic' account.
  • Pro accounts - Allow users to host sessions with no time restrictions. If you are an instructor teaching an online course in the current term and want access to ZOOM Pro for the term, please email us at its@unb.ca.

NOTE: If you already have a ZOOM free account and are eligible for Pro access, upgrading your account simply removes the 40-minute time restriction. All other links, meeting IDs, etc., remain the same after the upgrade, or after downgrade (i.e. if your Pro status is later returned for others to use.)

For a printable (PDF) overview of how to install and use ZOOM, download the Zoom - User Guide (2019).

Quick videos

How to join a meeting

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Schedule a meeting (website)

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Schedule a meeting (desktop app)

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How to test your microphone and speakers within the app or a session

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How to record a meeting

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How to share your screen (Powerpoint, YouTube, desktop, etc.)

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Creating breakout rooms

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For students and instructors

Contact support (for instructor access & student questions)


Students, Attendees and Instructors:

  • If you have any questions or need assistance, email virtualclasses@unb.ca (Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 4:30).
  • If you need immediate answers or after-hours support, you can visit the troubleshooting section here or search the Zoom Support page.

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Join a session and install Zoom (video)

To simply join a session as a participant, you don’t need a Zoom account. You can join as a guest. Simply click the web-link provided by your instructor, download the Zoom program when prompted, install it, then close it.

Click the web-link again and the program will ask you to let it open, and joins you to the session.

Watch the 2 minute step-by-step video (UNB).

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Join a session and install Zoom (text)

To join a session, click the web-link provided to you by your instructor, either in an email or in your course. For this tutorial only, you can use the ‘Test Room’.

A webpage opens. If you have never used Zoom, you will be prompted to download and install the program. Click the link “If nothing prompts from browser, download & run Zoom":

Screenshot of Zoom download and run window

The installer file downloads to your computer. Look in your downloads folder, and double-click the file “Zoom.pkg”

After installation, close the Zoom app, and then re-click the instructor’s link to the session.

A webpage opens, but this time you will see a new prompt as well. Click the blue button, “Open zoom.us.app”:

Screenshot of

The Zoom application opens!

Now click the green button, “Join With Computer Audio”:

Screenshot of

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Dial into a session by telephone

If you don’t want to user computer-based audio, here is a 2-minute video that shows you how to dial into a Zoom session on your telephone.

Here is a step-by-step support page that shows how to do this on the Zoom website.

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Signing into the desktop client

Watch a 2-minute video (UNB) on signing into the client, which allows you to create, join, or start ‘instant’ meetings, as well as chat with other Zoom users and contacts.

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How to use Zoom (instructors and students)

Watch a 14 minute video (UNB) that covers setting up your microphone and speakers, sharing Powerpoints and YouTube videos, making recordings, creating breakout rooms, using chat, polling, exploring the participant window, co-hosting, and more!

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Description of the Zoom interface

After joining a meeting, if you selected “Join with Computer Audio”, your speakers and microphone should now be working. You can mute or unmute your microphone or share your video using the icons in the bottom left (highlighted in RED in the image below). To see a list of other people in your class, you can click the PARTICIPANTS icon, or engage in a text chat by clicking CHAT. Share your Powerpoints by clicking the SHARE button at the bottom of the screen and choosing an already open Powerpoint file on your computer. You can use the same SHARE button to share and select your internet browser if you want to share a YouTube video.

Screenshot of ZOOM Interface

NOTE: When sharing YouTube, be sure to check the checkbox for “Share Computer Sound” in the bottom left of the window that opens when you click SHARE. See it in action.

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Joining a class

NOTE: Using headphones (or a headset with a built-in microphone) is highly recommended.

In general, classes in Zoom will either be scheduled (and only available at set times), or they will be offered as ‘personal meeting links’.

You can join either of these kinds of meetings in one of two ways:

  1. By clicking a weblink provided to you by your instructor. e.g. https://zoom.us/j/884489556 (sample link only; expired link)
  2. By opening the installed Zoom program and entering the “Meeting ID” (aka. Personal Link Name)” provided to you by your instructor in the appropriate field. You can see an example of this field highlighted in RED in this image:

Screenshot of meeting

Type the Meeting Number in the field on the left. The meeting number is the number found at the end of the link provided to you by the instructor. So, in this case, the Meeting Number for the sample link provided earlier would be 884489556.

After entering the session, choose either “Join With Computer Audio” or “Test speaker and microphone” if you want to use the built-in wizard to check your system:

Screenshot of

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For instructors only

Using the Zoom website: default meeting settings, creating meetings, personal profile

Watch a 5 minute video (UNB) on using the Zoom website to create meetings, to modify your personal profile, and to modify the default settings for your meetings in general.

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Installation problems?

If you encountered a problem downloading the installer for your device, you can download it here for Windows, Macs, Android and Apple/iOS devices & computers.

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Microphone, speaker or video problems?

If you have problems using your mic, speakers, or sharing your video, watch this helpful clip.

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Join a test meeting

Try out ZOOM by joining a test meeting. This will prompt you to allow the ZOOM app to open, which you must allow to attend a session.

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