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Group photo of UNB Band

With the support and help from Lord Beaverbrook, Arthur Trythall was appointed as the music director of UNB in 1953. Under the arrangement of Mr. Trythall, the first official student band was formed in 1956, and received a complete set of instrument from Lord Beaverbrook in the winter of 1957. Unfortunately, Mr. Trythall passed away in 1961. Douglas Start then took over the the position of music director. The band played at sporting events, fall convocations, and the Winter Carnival. It also played as a marching band during sporting events. Since Mr. Start was also the director for the UNB Choral Society, there had been annual UNB Band and Choir concerts.

At the peak, UNB Band had as many as 30 members. However, as student interests changed, the band had less then 10 members. In 1978, with the retirement of Mr. Start, the UNB Band was terminated.

UNB Band at 1956 Winter Carnival. Courtesy of UNB Archives, UA RG 350, Series 8, Sub-series 1, File 2, UNB82

Douglas Start conducting the UNB Band at the 1963 Encaenia at the Lady Beaverbrook Rink. Courtesy of UNB Archives, UA PC 16(1) No.1a

Listen to UNB Band

An excerpt from a concert in 1970s

Information from UNB Archives, The Canadian Encyclopedia, and the Book "A Pictorial History of the University of New Brunswick" by Susan Montague. Top photo courtesy of UNB Archives, UA PC 7 No.8a.
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