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Writing Popular Fiction (Online Course)

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Mystery, Horror, Romance, Science-Fiction, and Fantasy. You know you've got a story in you. Now, we're going to make it a great story!

In this intensive one-day workshop, we'll take a deep dive into what it takes to craft a great story—in any genre—the kind of story that grips and captivates readers from page one to page 300.

We'll do this by mapping out the story beats you need to hit, as we go step by step through the Six Stages of Plot. We’ll create comprehensive character templates and bios, highlighting the elements that go into making compelling and unforgettable characters.

I'll share all my 'tricks'—the kinds that make people feel like they're watching a movie while they read.

And, perhaps most importantly, we'll shine the brightest light we can on the writing mechanics that will make your writing brisker, punchier, and easier to read.

Side-note for Nonfiction and Memoir writers: All these tips work for Creative Nonfiction, too!

No materials required.

Course details

Dates/Times: TBD
Price: $80 (+ HST)
Instructor: Terry Armstrong

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About the instructor

Terry Armstrong (writing as Cary Caffrey) is the author of three best selling science-fiction novels, The Girls from Alcyone, and its two sequels, The Machines of Bellatrix and Codename: Night Witch. Terry studied at Concordia University in Montreal, as well as the University of British Columbia, earning a BA and MFA in Creative Writing. After witnessing the eBook revolution, Terry made the leap into ePublishing. Now, he's on a mission into the wild world of Indy Publishing.

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