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French One-on-One Lessons

Photo: Chalkboard with French words

CCOM 2076

Looking to learn or improve your French language skills? One-on-One French lessons may be for you. These classes are tailored to your personal language level and schedule – whether you are beginning to learn the language or you’re looking to perfect existing language skills to attain a certain French language proficiency rating or grade. This French language learning format aims to improve your oral and/or written French skills.

You should take French one-on-one lessons if you want to:

  • Learn a new language at your own pace
  • Get help with French homework
  • Brush-up on existing French skills
  • Have a conversation partner to practice your skills
  • Prepare for French language tests

Course details

Upcoming dates: Register for a total of 8 hours of instruction (session times are flexible)
Note: Once you have registered and paid for your class, please contact Alison Howells ( to arrange your lesson times & dates
Time: Flexible & tailored to your schedule
Location: In person and/or Skype/Online lessons
Course fee: $280 (no HST)
Instructor: Dependent on instruction format

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