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Arabic Beginners Level 2 (Online)

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Continue your journey into the rich Middle Eastern Culture!

In this course, you will review your basic knowledge of the Arabic language learned in Level 1 and enhance your Arabic vocabulary and conversational skills. This class is aimed at non-native speakers.

Topics covered include:

  • Review personal pronouns, possessive adjectives and other topics from the previous level
  • Describe people and things (size, age, feelings, adjectives of quality)
  • Learn some of the most used adverbs/adjectives denoting frequency (emphasis) in formal and daily conversation
  • Learn present tense verbs and how they are connected to pronouns
  • Talk about where you live
  • Talk about yourself (name, nationality, where you live, job, family & things you love doing)
  • Learn how to read simple text
  • Introduction to the past tense
  • Transform verbs from present to past & vice versa
  • Form simple sentences
  • Construct the future tense

Course details

Winter 2024

Dates/Times: Thursdays, Feb. 1 to April 11, 2024 (10 weeks - no class March 7)
7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. | Online
Save 15% if you register before Jan. 18, 2024
Price: $179 (+ HST)
Instructor: Marwa Aboulata

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About the instructor

Marwa Aboulata is an Arabic teacher with a Bachelor of Education (BEd) from Alexandria University, Egypt. She is also an experienced Arabic as second language teacher. Upon graduating from university, Marwa started her career in teaching and translating (English & Arabic). Her fascination with the Arabic language and immense love for Arabic poetry & literary arts led to her interest in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

"Languages, primarily Arabic, are my passion, and I love and excel in performing anything related to Arabic and languages in general."

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