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poster promoting the world water day app: H2O and Ocean of Science 2022

On March 22, the UNB Art Centre will launch an update of the free interactive app H20 - An Ocean of Science designed to bring the world to you. Developed in collaboration with Spandrel Interactive, a New Brunswick-based game and digital media developer, the app will allow anyone with a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) to explore climate-impacted water systems around the globe.

Launched on World Water Day 2021 to celebrate the UNB Art Centre’s 10th year of participation, the app is part of an international project to bring awareness to the importance of water resources and their sustainable management and the effects of climate change. 

The updated app features many new areas of exploration including the slow but steady disintegration of the Antarctic Ice Shelf and the resulting rise in sea levels, the growing problem of noise in the ocean environment, as well as the development of LED nets to prevent sea turtles and other marine animals from entanglement. The app also highlights some of the indigenous communities in Canada that continue to face water challenges because of failing and inadequate infrastructure.

The app allows users to select a Standard or Augmented Reality version to discover the ocean biosphere and experience the interconnectivity of the planet. H2O - An Ocean of Sciencetracks headlines and brings together research, data, and analysis from scientists, oceanographers, zoologists, climatologists, geologists, and others to understand the challenges facing the world’s marine environments. For each location, a link will be provided to encourage further investigation. The app also allows users from all over the world to share their own observations and data as part of a global conversation about climate change. 

H2O droplet with the word H2ODownload the app now:

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