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Upcoming exhibitions & events

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Daily Life in New Brunswick's Black Community: 1870-1930

a sample banner hung from a lamp post in downtown Fredericton, NB, featuring Lena O'Ree

Black History Month
Feb. 17 - March 17, 2023

The UNB Art Centre celebrates Black History Month by bringing portraits of notable Black New Brunswickers to the streets of Fredericton. Each year new names and faces are added to recognize the achievements and experiences of Black New Brunswickers and their significant contribution to shaping contemporary New Brunswick.

In the galleries, historian Jennifer Dow of REACH NB (Remembering Each African Cemetary's History) provides a window into the lives of New Brunswick's black community during the early days. This exhibit will be accompanied by a catalogue.

Reflections: World Water Day (March 22)

World Water Day banner image

March 24 - April 28, 2023

Each year the UNB Art Centre marks World Water Day with a special exhibit or project to bring awareness to this most precious resource. This year the West Gallery features an exhibition by photographer Jean-Christophe Lemay whose interest in marine habitats impels him to capture the majesty and mutability of water through his waterproof camera lens. Jean-Christophe Lemay's images abord the research vessel Coriolis were featured in the January exhibit Fathom the Depths of the St. Lawrence Estuary: Art & Science/ À des brasses de profondeur dans l'estuaire du St. -Laurent: Art et Science (Jan. 13 to Feb. 10).

The East Gallery showcases the work of artists in the community, who through a variety of media, reflect on the Earth's hydrosphere as part of this year's celebration of water.

Art of Creation

detail of image from The Art of Creation exhibition

May 5 - June 16, 2023

This exhibit showcases a joint project by McMaster University and UNB's Faculty of Kinesiology that takes an arts-based approach to public education to promote a greater understanding of the importance of healthy choices before and during pregnancy. Art has been used, and is currently being used, around the world to inspire individuals and empower change. Art also communicates complex concepts, fosters understanding, and induces an emotional response in ways that traditional teaching methods rarely do.

Celebrate Memorial Hall 100

image of the front of UNB's Memorial Hall

Sept. 8/15 - Oct. 27, 2023

Join us as we celebrate Memorial Hall's 100 birthday! Designed by Saint John architect F. Neil Brodie, and currently the home of the Fine Arts at UNB, Memorial Hall was originally conceived to house the Departments of Chemistry and Physics. Following the outbreak of World War I, it was decided the building would stand as a memorial to UNB's 35 fallen war heroes and the cornerstone for Memorial Hall was laid in 1923 by Lord Byng of Vimy, the Governor General of Canada.

The UNB Art Centre, the Centre for Musical Arts and Theatre UNB will take a look back with a special exhibit and performances that honour this historic building's long legacy.

Kim Vose Jones: Cirque de Vice/Lifeboat

Detail of Kim Vose Jones's piece, Swanns Way

Nov. 3 - Dec.14, 2023

These two extraordinary installations by sculptor Kim-Vose Jones spring from the artist's desire to challenge not only her technical skills but her desire to explore complex social issues and the implications of humanity's effect on the planet. While Cirque de Vice is a contemporary take on the medieval allegory of the 7 deadly vices, Lifeboat presents an unstable and ghostly vessel filled with sculpted animal forms. These diverse occupants, each exhibiting their own degrees of vulnerability, struggle together to reach a distant shore.

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