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The Franklin Sharp Rankin Window

Dedicated to Franklin Sharp Rankin and his sister Marjory Rankin Coleman, who died unexpectedly, by their father Dr. W.D. Rankin of Woodstock, N.B. Franklin Sharp Rankin was the eldest son of Dr. Rankin and was studying at the Royal Military College when he enlisted with the 28th New Brunswick Dragoons. Anxious for action, he transferred to the 1st Brighton Field Company and then became a Lieutenant of the Royal Flying Corps. He was shot down over Bapaume in 1916.

"One cannot help but feel — it is only natural — that this window will stand in our memories not only as a memorial to a son and a daughter of the Doctor, but as a memorial to the donor, Dr. Rankin himself. May this fine gift, and more especially the fine and virile useful life of the donor be a constant and lasting inspiration to succeeding classes of young men and young women passing through these Halls to noble and useful service." – Alumni Bulletin, June 20, 1928

The window features the triumph of good over evil from John Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Rankin Window

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