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Recent Revelations

Revelations elaborates on ideas developed through the production of Attending the Apocalypse, an exhibition by Janice Wright Cheney and Jennifer Lee Wiebe.


Marie E. Maltais
Director, UNB Art Centre


There are many beloved treasures in the UNB Permanent Collection. These 2,300 artworks acquired through donation, bequest, commission and purchase are part of a working collection that can be seen in the libraries, green spaces, hallways and lounges across the Fredericton and Saint John campuses. These works are a part of our university environment and have become a welcome part of our daily life at UNB.

There are, however, some works that are rarely seen. Sometimes it is simply a lack of space, or it may be that the work is too fragile to display, but sometimes it is the difficult subjects they present. These are the works that will be featured in the upcoming exhibit. They are at times raunchy, self-indulgent, bitter and sweet. In them, you see the faces of humanity and the darker side of our existential struggle.

Incubated during the COVID-19 lockdown, Revelations is curated using images from the UNB Art Centre’s database and is designed to be seen online. It will unfold each week through a series of episodes released every Friday at 5 pm (ADT) beginning May 29 through June 26. You are invited to enter UNB Art Centre Online and explore the virtual East and West Galleries to view the latest release.

Marie E. Maltais
Director, UNB Art Centre


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