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Cascade: our plastic; our planet; our choice

March 22 - June 7, 2019

It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. On March 22, the UNB Art Centre celebrates World Water Day with a look at the lifecycle of plastic and how plastic pollution affects our water systems.

World Water Day is an initiative of the United Nations to bring awareness to the importance of water resources and their sustainable management. Since its inception in 1993, the project has gathered momentum and participants from all over the world, each inspired to educate and activate their communities through a variety of projects. The UNB Art Centre has been a participant in this movement since 2011.

This year, the UNB Art Centre teams up with the students of ArtZone, UNB Green, UNB Sustainability and STU Sustainability to bring the World Water Day theme to a variety of locations across the two campuses. Opening on March 22 and running through May 3, the East Gallery in Memorial Hall will be the site of the central display Cascade: Our Plastic, Our Planet, Our Choice, which features a waterfall made of plastic collected locally from members of the community. Satellite locations will include the Harriet Irving Library, the SUB at UNB and Sir James Dunn Hall at STU. Each location will display creations made out of plastic by students, along with text panels providing educational information about plastics and their effects on the environment.

As well, over the past several weeks the UNB Art Centre has been running a social media campaign to bring awareness to the amount of plastic in our environment through #PlasticFreeUNB. Images from this campaign will become part of the displays seen across both campuses.

Exhibition openings are an opportunity for people who are curious about art and ideas to mingle and experience this intersection. The UNB Art Centre’s FLOW music series, showcases local musicians and brings together art and music in a unique and experimental way. As part of the opening of Cascade: Our Plastic, Our Planet, Our Choice the UNB Art Centre presents Pallmer, featuring cellist Emily Kennedy and violist Mark Kleyn. Pallmer have been commissioned to create a musical complement to the plastic waterfall and will perform their new work at the opening on March 22.

As part of the educational component of this annual World Water Day event, the UNB Art Centre will be holding a panel discussion featuring key members of the community to examine plastic, its use, and its disposal. This panel will be held in April and more information about this will be provided as details become available.

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