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About the conference

The theme of this year's conference is "Autistic Wellness".

According to the Global Wellness Institute, to promote wellness is to choose to do things that will lead to optimal health and wellbeing. Wellness is made up of many things, including physical mental, emotional, behavioural, and social health, among others. For many years, researchers and practitioners have used deficit reduction and medical models in an attempt to bring autistic people out of a state of poor physical, mental, emotional, behavioural, and social health. The future will require researchers and practitioners focus on helping Autistic people into a state of wellness.

This year's UNB Atlantic Provinces Autism Conference (UNB APAC) will explore how we all can transition to wellness as a goal.

Event format

For the first time since its inception, UNB APAC will be held in-person!

Join us in-person on Nov. 8-9, 2023, at the Wu Centre on the UNB Fredericton Campus, for the 5th annual iteration of this conference. There will be two days of informative, thought-provoking sessions by experts in the field of assessment, treatment, and support of individuals on the autism spectrum.

Who should attend?

UNB APAC is for individuals on the Autism Spectrum, their family members, behavior analysts, medical professionals such as nurses and physicians, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, faculty and researchers, teachers, intervention staff, support workers, and all other stakeholders interested in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Mission statement

The mission of the UNB Atlantic Provinces Autism Conference (UNB APAC) is to disseminate research and empirically supported practices in the assessment, treatment, and support of individuals on the autism spectrum amongst families, practitioners, researchers, and governmental agencies. The mission aims to enrich the quality of life of those on the autism spectrum and their families in the Atlantic Provinces.

UNB APAC provides an opportunity to:

  • Facilitate discussion and problem solving within and across provincial governmental and private agencies/departments.
  • Listen to and learn from individuals on the Autism Spectrum and their families with regard to their stories, difficulties with navigating systems, successes, and suggestions in supporting them or their families.
  • Gain knowledge of empirically supported advancements in the assessment, treatment, and support of those on the Autism Spectrum.
  • Share information and resources across disciplines.
  • Encourage the professional and academic growth of new and emerging scholars working in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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