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Managing Crisis and Challenging Behaviours

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A crisis is any situation that is outside the realm of normal that requires a response. Crises can take all forms. For example, bullying is a crisis for a victim.

In this fast-paced world, it's a benefit to managers to have the basic training necessary for crisis management and understand the need to protect the psychological well-being of employees. Performance management is about more than just managing proactive elements such as performance reviews and employees’ development. There are times when managers need to respond to unwanted employee behaviours.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Manage crisis situations
  • Protect employees in crisis by gaining insights on how to respond effectively
  • Facilitate discipline in a professional manner
  • Confront unwanted behaviour in an objective manner
  • Understanding the policies, procedures, and legislation needed before dealing with employee behaviour

Course details

Course code: CIWH 1015
Cost: $119 (+HST)

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About the contributor

Bill Howatt, Ph.D., Ed.D., Post Doc in Behavioral Science, RTC, RSW, ICADC, is a strategic human resources consultant, executive coach and mental health professional with over 25 years experience. He has delivered professional development for EFAP organizations; Nova Scotia Community College; universities; federal, provincial, and municipal governments; and public and privately owned organizations.

Known internationally for his expertise in human behaviour, addictive disorders, and cognitive behavioural therapy, Dr. Howatt has published books for Brooks/Cole and John Wiley. He also authored a monthly business column called Coach’s Corner, and wrote a bi-weekly column on leadership issues. He is a regular contributor to the Globe and Mail Workplace Health Series and the Chronicle Herald. He partnered with the Globe and Mail to conduct the Your Life at Work Survey, which looked at stress levels and quality of work. He also created Morneau Shepell’s Total Health Index (THI) and created The Globe and Mail’s Employee Recommended Workplace Award.

In addition to his traditional academic background, Bill has also completed his Professional Coach Certification through Corporate Coach University. Most importantly, he believes we all can learn to cope and live happier lives if we get an opportunity to learn the foundational tools required to facilitate peace and happiness.

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