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CRSP® Exam Preparation

The failure rate of the CRSP® exam has typically been about 40-60%. The most intimidating aspect of the exam is the depth and comprehensive nature of the information. Our CRSP® Preparation Course is the best way to prepare for and conquer the exam.

This course is available completely online, in a self-paced learning format, and you can register at any time. It is the only course of its kind in Canada.

Recently the Board of Canadian Safety Professionals announced the release of an updated blueprint for the Canadian Registered Safety Professional Examination. In response to this news, UNB has redeveloped the CRSP® Preparation Course (CRSP 2012) to align with the new blueprint. The revised course (CRSP 2012) is now available for those preparing for the CRSP® Exam.

Canadian Registered Safety Professional Examination (CRSPEX Blueprint) (PDF)

The CRSP® Preparation Course has been developed by CRSP® members and other experts in the field of OHS. The course materials follow the learning competencies offered by the BCRSP® and the course spans all of the six domains represented in the 2020 BCRSP® Examination Blueprint. It allows for and ensures an intense review of the domain material. A major focus of the course is online practice exam writing; accessing the hundreds of questions hosted in the examination database. The online exam format best approximates the actual online exam and includes an extensive collection of independent type multiple choice exam questions.


  • An overview of the process to register as a candidate to write the CRSP® exam.
  • An overview of the six domains including a discussion of the weighting and the competencies of each.
  • A detailed review of the six domains including a review of the technical material relevant to competencies of each domain (Hazard and Risks: Identification and Assessment; Hazard and Risks: Controls and Mitigation; Health and Safety Management; Ethics, Professional Role and Function; Technical, Human and Social Sciences; Management Sciences).
  • Online practice exams (end-of-module exams) are provided in each domain to allow the CRSP® candidate to prepare to write the CRSP® exam online.


The CRSP® Exam Prep course costs $550 (+HST). There are no books to purchase or other associated fees. Course content is available for six months from the date of registration, with an option to extend access for $199 (+HST).

If you live outside of Canada: Please call us toll-free at 1-888-259-4222 or email us at for international pricing.

Please note: Requirements for writing the CRSP® Examination changed as of July 1, 2018.

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