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Strategies for Effectively Leading Through Change

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As a leader, have you ever asked yourself:

  • What do I say to my team members to help them through times of change?
  • What is my role in the change process?
  • What do I need to do to plan for the change implementation?
  • How do I respond to change initiatives when I am not aligned with the change?

If so, you are not alone.

Every organization experiences some form of change to requiring varying degrees of organizational transformation in order to survive a rapidly shifting environment. Many leaders and employees struggle to keep up with the pressures to respond to the demands of the changing economy. The process of change can bring stress to even the strongest organizations.

Strategies for Effectively Leading through Change is aimed to assist leaders on how to identify and address the typical questions and concerns that employees raise during times of uncertainty, as well as how to use appropriate change strategies and corresponding behaviors to address employee responses to change.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the Change Process
  • Your Role in Leading Change
  • Responding to Reactions to Change
  • Communicating Change
  • Proactively Planning for Change
  • Action Planning

Note: This course provides a total of 7 PMI PDU’s.

Learning objectives

This workshop will give participants strategies to optimize success when leading teams through change initiatives. By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Identify barriers to change and develop plans to manage them
  • Assess different reactions to change, including your own
  • Determine the appropriate change strategies to use and corresponding behaviours to address employee concerns regarding changes
  • Proactively plan change communications to build commitment
  • Apply best practice techniques to lead teams through change

Program details

Dates: April 7-8, 2021
Time: 1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Location: Virtual
Fee: $695 (+HST)
Instructor: Ori Schibi

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Register for April 7-8, 2021

Group Discount: Send 3 or more participants from your company and receive a 10% discount. Contact an account manager for more information.

How this seminar works

This course was created using sound instructional design principles and is specifically tailored to an e-learning environment, taking advantage of the latest tools in our e-learning platform to create a learning experience that is interactive, engaging, and effective.

While training will still contain some elements of instruction (lectures) with slides and voiceover, we also include a video window in which the learners can see the instructor’s face, and this makes the experience more personal. Additionally, where learners have their own webcams, we may allow learners to see each other as participants ask questions or provide input.

Additional interactivity is included through the ability to have online polls and quizzes throughout the Instructor-Lead eLearning course delivery. For example, to assess comprehension, participants may be asked to complete a short online quiz at the end of each course module. The results of these interactive polls and quizzes are immediately available to the facilitator who can use the data to address any gaps or areas of confusion.

Facilitators may also create online “breakout rooms” in which the online class is divided into smaller subgroups, with each group being given their own online discussion space and activities. When in breakout mode, participants can hear the voices of the others in their group and may see their webcam images, if this feature is enabled by the facilitator. In addition, the group members may share their own screens with each other if they have materials they wish to show the group. Facilitators can monitor the progress of each group and can join each subgroup to answer questions or help them along with their group activity. This ensures the course participants feel connected with the other learners and the instructor.

The online learning technology, combined with a skilled facilitator, will ensure a positive and productive learning environment.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for managers, project managers, supervisors, and team leaders who want to become more effective when leading people through change initiatives.


Ori Schibi has 27 years’ experience providing practical new ways of managing projects and programs and effectively dealing with challenges around organizational change, strategy, business analysis, and PMOs. His experience includes driving process efficiencies, software implementations, project recoveries, project management skills assessments, and complex programs that stabilize businesses, create growth and value, and lead sustainable change.

Ori has long and solid agile experience - including assessing an organization’s readiness for agile projects, helping organizations select the right lifecycle approach, aligning agile projects with corporate governance structures, coaching team members, leading agile transitions and adaptations, and driving value through leading agile projects. Ori is well-versed in several agile methods, with a focus on Discipline Agile Delivery (DAD) and teaches for a variety of in-house clients, as well as for OPS, University of Toronto, and the City of Toronto.

Ori has extensive experience working with large to mid-sized organizations in diverse industries. These industries include Telecoms, Financial Services, Aerospace, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, and government agencies (Canada - all levels of government, the US, the United Nations).

Ori is the author of the book Managing Stakeholder Expectations for Project Success (J. Ross, 2013), as well as the book Effective PM-BA role Collaboration (2015). He is also the co-author (with Kevin Aguanno), of the upcoming book – Agile Business Analysis. The book provides new ideas on how to utilize business analysis skills and incorporate them effectively into agile projects. The book also explores new ways organizations, projects, and teams can benefit from having the role of a Business Analyst in agile projects.

Ori’s track record is one of value-creation and excellence and he consistently delivers success in his consulting engagements. As an instructor, Ori brings his wealth of experience to class and his delivery style includes real-life, practical examples - that are easy to relate to and to understand; an appropriate sense of humour, and a unique ability to connect with his class participants to maximize the value of their learning. Ori’s clarity and easy-going ability to share his knowledge helps participants apply the learning in their environments; leading to customers repeatedly asking for his services and expertise.

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