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Giving to UNB

Here's what we'll do together

It Begins Here, the campaign for the University of New Brunswick, will build on our history and intensify our impact on the world. We’re asking you – alumni, friends, and members of the UNB community – to consider an investment in the University of New Brunswick. With your help, we will have an even greater impact on our young people, on Atlantic Canada, on the nation, and on the world. It begins here. It begins with you.

Our campaign goal: $110 million

Here are the five strategic priorities areas identified in the campaign for the University of New Brunswick. You can also view projects by campus or faculty.

 View a PDF of our priorities or continue reading below.

01 | Give our students a great start - $50 million

Donors have changed the lives of these scholarship students at UNB Fredericton.

An investment in student support at UNB will align our scholarships and bursaries more closely with our students’ collective needs, and keep our offers competitive with other institutions. You can create a new scholarship or contribute to an existing scholarship fund.

02 | Invest in our faculties - $10 million

Martin Sénéchal (Kinesiology) is a Harrison McCain Foundation Young Scholar at UNB Fredericton.

We will create strategic funds with the aim of developing the quality and reputation of each faculty. These resources will be used for special projects, research, innovative initiatives and professional development. You can support a project in the faculty of your choice.

03 | Build on our academic strengths - $25 million

Researchers John Johnson and Christopher Gray and graduate students with the Natural Products Research Group confer about the healing properties of traditional medicinal plants.

Looking forward to where UNB wants to be in the next 10 years, we are investing in specific areas of academic strength. We will create named chairs, professorships and fellowships, and invest in state-of-the-art laboratory spaces, new classrooms, and more library resources.

If you would like to help UNB build on its academic strengths, you might be interested in the following campaign priorities:

The New Kinesiology Building
At UNB Fredericton, we will use this new space to grow the Faculty of Kinesiology’s nationally-significant research cluster that focuses on health, wellness, physical fitness and health promotion. The building will also help establish New Brunswick as a leader in preventative health care.

Multi-Purpose Greenhouse Laboratory
UNB Saint John is a leader in integrated aquaculture and the identification of medicinal compounds in wild plants. This new research facility will support complementary research in these areas, with the long-term goal of producing healthy and cost-effective food and compounds with therapeutic value.

Centre of Excellence for Children and Families
This Centre will bring together UNB Fredericton’s Early Childhood Centre and its Health and Education Research Group into a national centre of excellence for early childhood development. Funding will support a chair, graduate fellowships and program expansion.

Natural Products Research Group
Our Natural Products Research Group at UNB’s Saint John campus gives biology students the chance to work on peer-reviewed medical research projects aimed at producing the next generation of disease-fighting drugs. Your support will increase opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration in this important field.

04 | Lead Canada’s next wave of innovation - $10 million

UNB Fredericton alumni Peter Goggin and Rishin Biehl met in 2012 in a Technology Management & Entrepreneurship class and later developed their innovative idea for Resson Aerospace with the Pond-Deshpande Centre. Resson Aerospace uses data to manage farm crops with maximum efficiency.

At UNB, we believe entrepreneurship is an essential part of post-secondary education. With your support, we will expand our experiential education programs in entrepreneurship and increase the capacity of our specialized programs and institutes.

If you would like to help UNB lead Canada’s next wave of innovation, you might be interested in supporting the following campaign centres:

Pond-Deshpande Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PDC)
The PDC, named for its founders, Gururaj (Desh) and Jaishree Deshpande and Gerry Pond,  provides mentorship and funding for early-stage entrepreneurs as well as networking opportunities. Our programs give students a first-hand look at the entrepreneurial world of start-ups; assist with testing their innovations through market validation; and help social entrepreneurs create sustainable, scalable social enterprises.

International Business and Entrepreneurship Centre (IBEC)
The IBEC helps students and clients from a variety of backgrounds develop their entrepreneurial ideas into workable realities. Our programs match students and teams with real-world ventures, to create business plans and search out market opportunities through national and international networking.

Dr. J. Herbert Smith Centre for Technology Management & Entrepreneurship (TME)
Our TME programs continue the legacy of Dr. J. Herbert Smith, a UNB alumnus and the former President and CEO of General Electric Canada. They are designed to ensure that students and professionals with technological backgrounds have the necessary business skills to become capable entrepreneurs.

05 | Prepare our students to succeed in the world - $15 million

Children in priority neighbourhoods in Saint John are mentored by UNB Saint John students, giving UNB students experience and the children a chance at academic success.

Our students need to be engaged global citizens after graduation. To ensure this, we will create an exceptional teaching and learning environment on our campuses and elsewhere, with immersive hands-on experiences, opportunities to work and study overseas, and cutting-edge research programs.

If you would like to help prepare our students to succeed in the world, you might be interested in the following campaign priorities:

Promise Partnership
The Promise Partnership provides educational support to K-12 students in two of Saint John’s priority neighbourhoods. The program also provides meaningful hands-on learning, volunteer, and personal growth experiences to UNB Saint John students.

The Lorenzo Society
UNB Saint John’s premier cultural organization hosts musical performances, theatrical presentations, literary readings and art exhibitions. The Lorenzo Society also gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in theatre performance and production in collaboration with the Saint John Theatre Company and writing and publication experience through the creative writing journal Vox.

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