Canadian students

Prior to coming to UNB you need to obtain your provincial health card from your home province.  You will be required to produce this card at each visit to avoid having to pay for medical services. 

View fee schedule for services not covered by provincial health care or other insurance policies.

Student health (medical) and dental plan information

For more information on your health and dental plan visit:

UNB Students: The UNB Student Union or contact the UNB Medical Plan Office: Room 126 at the Student Union Building (SUB) (506) 453-4955.

STU Students: STU Financial Matters, Tuition and Fees.

If you opt out of the UNB or STU health (medical) insurance plans, you are still entitled to access services at the student health centre.

Coverage for Québec students

Effective September 2010, all students with Québec Health Care coverage will be required to pay for their office visit and any additional services at the time of the appointment. A receipt will be issued at the time of payment for services received. See details on submitting claims, forms, etc.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause our Québec patients. The province of Québec does not have a reciprocal billing policy similar to all other provinces and territories, making it necessary to implement this policy.

Patients covered by Québec provincial health care All uninsured fees apply in addition to:
Office visit $45
PAP test $65