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Effective Sept. 1, 2019, the UNB Student Health Centre introduced fees for services not covered by provincial health care or other insurance policies in keeping with the practices of other university student health centres' and family doctors across Canada. The Board of Governors has approved the fees outlined below.  

No show fees

We take appointment cancellations by email only.

To avoid no-show fees, email the Student Health Centre to cancel appointments:

  • by 8 a.m. for all morning appointments
  • by 12:00 p.m. for all afternoon appointments

Our goal is to ensure the appointment time is available for other students calling to get an appointment.

Our cancellation policy applies to all appointments (phone, video or in-person).  If you miss an appointment without cancelling, the following No Show Fees will be applied to your account:

Payment is required in full prior to receiving additional service, product or paperwork.

No Show Fees

Missed Appointment Type

Billing Rate (Cash & E-transfer only)
Dietitan appointment missed $25
Bloodwork appointment missed $10
Physician appointment missed $35
Orthopedic Specialist appointment missed $50

Psychiatrist 30 min appointment missed

Psychiatrist > 30 min appointment missed 

*Psychiatrist appointments must be cancelled 48 hours in advance.


$150+ Following Medicare Rates

Service Fees

Payment is required in full prior to receiving the service, product, or paperwork. 

Service Fees

Service Billing Rate (Cash & E-transfer only)
Uninsured Office Visit - 20 minute (i.e. Travel vaccines, immunizations for school, education and work, etc.) $45
Uninsured Office Visit > 20 minute follow Medicare rates
Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Warts, Skin Tag (i.e. hand, foot) $10
Minor Procedures (tray fee, nursing services) $25
Injections (i.e. Travel, Immunization, etc.). Excludes therapeutic (i.e. Depo, Gardasil, Hep B, Tdap). $10 /per injection
TB (Mantoux) Test - One step and two step 
$30 / per step/injection
Flu Shot

$25 Faculty/Staff

$15 Student

Patients covered by *Quebec Provincial Health Care. 

Office Visit

PAP test

Dietitian Appointments

*All uninsured fees apply in addition to the above.





Pre-Approved External User Fee (ELP, Shad Valley, etc.) $20
Medical Examination/Forms (i.e. work, driver's licence, sports, travel, scholarship) $80
Industrial/Extensive Medical $150
Practitioner documentation (includes Blue Cross Special Authorization form, etc.) $15 Flat Rate

Chart Transfer Fee - **if under a $1, no charge**

Lawyer's Request Chart Copy

$0.25 /per page

$58 plus $1/ per page

Payment Methods

The Student Health Centre is able to accept cash or E-transfers (we do not accept debit/credit).

Financial Aid - If you are having difficulty meeting your financial obligation please contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance on the missed appointment fee.

Thank you for your co-operation.