As a busy student, you likely have firsthand experience on how lack of sleep can impact your mood and overall daily functioning. For optimal performance, our brains require quality rest, however this is not always easy to achieve with a hectic schedule, therefore, establishing a proper bedtime routine may be important for a great night’s sleep. Small changes can make a big difference!

Campus resources

The Student Health Centre, located in C. C. Jones Student Services Centre, hosts a team of qualified physicians, nurses, a nurse practitioner, a dietician, a psychiatrist, and an orthopedic surgeon who help support the well-being of UNB and STU students experiencing various health concerns, including sleep related challenges. This can include an assessment, ordering bloodwork or more extensive testing, counselling related to healthy sleep habits,  writing prescriptions, referrals to specialists, and other relevant services.

Virtual resources

The Harvard Division of Sleep Medicine provides a wealth of information around the science of sleep, the connection between mood and sleep, and when to seek treatment.

Sleep Foundation provides more about sleep hygiene tips and strategies.


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