Motivation and procrastination

The reoccurring decision to delay a task or goal you’ve set for yourself is a common human behaviour. There could be any number of underlying reasons that motivate procrastination. Some of these include fear of failure, discomfort avoidance, and/or low energy…etc. The following resources can help you break the cycle of procrastination and support you in creating healthier work and wellness habits.

Virtual resources

The Centre for Clinical Interventions offers free information sheets, worksheets, and a thorough workbook aimed at helping you understand and break the cycle of procrastination.

Perfectionism and Procrastination - CCI - Perfectionism & Perfectionism - A Double-Edged Sword.


The pomodoro technique has been proven to boost productivity through time management methods. Learn about more about this technique in this short video. 


  • Zero Willpower - an app that lets you set timers to limit social media intake.
  • 1-3-5 List - this app helps you prioritize your task list based on workload. 
  • Simple Habit - an app for conquering the anxiety behind procrastination 
  • Momentum - an app for setting intentions and finding motivation to get things done