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Clinical education

Clinical education is an essential component of both undergraduate and graduate nursing curricula. UNB’s Faculty of Nursing is proud to provide outstanding experiential learning opportunities with exceptional clinical partners.

Healthcare professionals sharing real-world expertise

Clinical instructors, preceptors and faculty play a critical role in educating the next generation of nursing professionals.

Their guidance teaches students to:

  • translate theoretical learning into practical application
  • navigate the intricacies of a complex healthcare environment

Clinical educator roles and responsibilities


  • Provides direct one on one support to a learner while simultaneously carrying out clinical responsibilities of current practice environment for a defined time frame.
  • Responsible to primary employer.
  • Mentors the student in an immersive practice setting, while maintaining an environment conducive to learning.
  • Supported by a faculty member who acts as a Liaison between the University and practice setting for each clinical course.

Clinical instructor

  • Provides educational support and practice oversight to a small group of undergraduate nursing students in any variety of health care settings for a defined time frame.
  • Responsible to the educational institution.
  • Cultivates an environment where students can integrate theoretical content into clinical practice while gaining real-life perspectives and achieving program abilities.
  • Supported by a faculty member who acts as the instructor of record for each clinical course.

Term and tenure track faculty

  • Full time employment within the Faculty of Nursing.
  • At the rank of instructor:
    • Provides theoretical and practical education to undergraduate students in the classroom and clinical setting.
    • Responsibilities also include coordination of clinical courses as well as membership and participation in standing committees of the Faculty of Nursing.
  • At the rank of professor:
    • Position involves classroom and clinical teaching responsibilities in the undergraduate and graduate programs, maintaining a program of research and service to the Faculty of Nursing through membership and participation in standing committees.

Join our team

Become a UNB Clinical Educator

Join the exceptional group of healthcare professionals supporting our future registered nurses and nurse practitioners.

Become a UNB Honorary Research Associate

Your clinical expertise is valued!

Become a part of the UNB Faculty of Nursing Graduate Academic Unit by applying for Honorary Research Associate Membership.

In this role, you can contribute by participating on committees, teaching courses, or supporting student research or project work, by serving as a co-supervisor for Master of Nursing theses or reports.

To apply, send a completed application form and current CV to

Current Honorary Research Associates

Transforming communities across New Brunswick

Clinical experiences for UNB’s graduate and undergraduate nursing students occur throughout New Brunswick, supporting the needs of the province while providing students with diverse learning opportunities.

We are always open to expanding our partnerships and clinical locations!

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