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PhotoshopTM Workshop: An Intuitive Approach to Editing Images (Online Course)

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Learn how to use Photoshop!

PhotoshopTM is a worldwide reference in the edition of photographic images and over the course of its long life has become a very complex and increasingly difficult program to use, particularly for photographers entering the digital domain for the first time.

This one-session workshop offers beginners and more experienced users a less technical, more intuitive approach to exploiting the power of this software: a method designed to permit photographers to unleash the program’s creative potential using a simple three-phase approach to editing images.

The workshop offers a systematic method that permits users to place the technical power of the software where it belongs - in the service of their ideas.


A digital SLR camera and a computer with PhotoshopTM software (version 2017 to present).

Course details

Summer 2022

Dates/Times: TBD
Price: $70 (+ HST)
Instructor: Scott MacLeay

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About the instructor

Scott MacLeay is a photographer / new media artist / composer who worked in Paris for thirty years before moving to Florianópolis, Brazil in 2010. His work has been exhibited widely in galleries and national museums in North and South America, Europe and Japan for over four decades and his images are present in numerous private and museum collections worldwide. Throughout his career he has been dedicated to sharing his experience in various institutions and schools in Vancouver, Paris and numerous state capitals in Brazil, including: Langara College in Vancouver, the American Center for Artists in Paris, where he was Director of the Center for Media Art and Photography, M.M.A.P (Musique / Media Art / Photographie) in Paris and the SESC, São Paulo, the NucleoFac of the Federal University of Belo Horizonte, the Centro Europeu of Curitiba and the Photography Festival of Tiradentes in Brazil. He is the author of the book of essays Thinking, Feeling, And Seeing: Perception and Process in Photography (2015 Editora Photos) and the photo books Quadrichromie 1978-1988 (2018 Creative Process) and Encounters in the Right and Left Hemispheres (2020 Creative Process).

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