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French Beginners Level 1 (Online Course)

Person learning French on laptop

Comment vas-tu? Take the mystery out of one of our province's official languages.

This course helps you to develop your French language skills (listening, speaking, and strategies for reading and writing) by focusing on the use of vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and sentence construction.

Topics covered include:

  • Alphabet, accents, pronunciation, gender of nouns, definite and indefinite articles, plural of nouns, present tense of avoir and être.
  • Partitive article (du, de la), agreement of adjectives, il y a, forming questions.
  • Present tense of verb endings in -er, showing possession, to or at, present tense of aller, immediate future (present tense of aller + infinitive).
  • Question forms of verbs, negatives, use of de, possessive adjectives, present tense of dire, lire, partir and prendre.
  • Present tense of verbs ending in -ir, position of adjectives, use of de, feminine forms of adjectives, use of on, present tense of jeter.
  • Present tense of verbs ending in -re, irregular plural forms of nouns and adjectives, use of tout, the demonstrative adjective, voici and voilà, present tense of boire and faire.
  • Personal pronoun objects of verbs (conjunctives), the imperative, position of personal pronoun objects with the imperative, present tense of venir, voir, vouloir, immediate past (present tense of venir + de + infinitive).
  • Reflexive verbs, formation and position of adverbs, present tense of ouvrir and mettre.

The material covers a variety of everyday topics in a simple, concise manner. There will be plenty of examples and explanations to illustrate how the language works and to build confidence. Each lesson contains: clear grammar explanations, vocabulary lists, and reading material consisting of a story, dialogue or letter, questions for speaking practice, and oral/written exercises.

By the end of Level 1, you will have gained some elementary vocabulary and be able to understand, ask and answer questions using simple sentences.

No materials are required.

Course details

Fall 2022

Dates/Times: Tuesdays, Sept. 27 to Nov. 29, 2022 (10 weeks)
3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m. | Online
Course Code: CCOM 2081
Price: $195 (No HST)
Instructor: Corina Zagaievschi

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About the instructors

Corina Zagaievschi has a Bachelor degree in Economics & Management as well as a Masters on Industrial Management & Logistics from Lyons, France. Corina has studied various languages (English, German, Russian, and Romanian) and knows first-hand that learning a new language can be both challenging and exciting.

"Although we moved to Canada 5 years ago, French culture is especially close to my heart. French cheeses and homemade crepes are what keeps me going! It would be my pleasure to help you through the journey of learning French and discovering French culture."

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