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Digital Photo: SLR Basics (Online Course)

Person at their lapto with a Digital SLR beside them

Upgraded your camera to a DSLR but now you're wondering, where do I start?

This step-by-step course is designed to help you understand how to use your DSLR camera. It explains the basic elements of taking a photograph (shutter speed, f-stop, white balance, ISO, etc.) and goes beyond to examine the many functions and features of your DSLR.

You will also learn how to transfer photos to your computer. This course takes the mystery out of the many different modes and functions of your digital camera. Register today and explore the ever-changing world of digital photography!


You need to have your own digital SLR camera with fully charged batteries (and manual).

Course details

Spring 2023

Dates/Times: Wednesdays, TBD, 2024 (5 weeks)
6 p.m. - 8 p.m. | Online
Save 15% if you register before TBD
Price: $160 (+ HST)
Instructor: Gary Weekes

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About the instructor

Gary Weekes has been in the photography industry for over 25 years - first working in camera stores as a salesperson to eventually owning and operating a small but growing photographic business. His commissioned work covers many different photographic disciplines, maintaining an emphasis on quality and sensitivity to his clients’ needs.

From working in a large studio in NYC to Hasselblad in the UK, Gary has an abundance of photographic knowledge and experience from which to teach from. He has guest lectured at the London College of Communications (UK) and was Department Head of Digital Photography at the Centre for Arts and Technology (Canada). He is currently exploring fine art photography, with a view to an exhibition in the near future.

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