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The (Thomas) Earl of Ashburnham Window

Dedicated to Thomas, Earl of Ashburnham (d. 1924). Gift of his wife Countess Ashburnham, Maria Anderson of Fredericton, to honour her husband’s patriotism and service to the community. Born and educated in England, he was the descendant of John Ashburnham, who assisted King Charles I in his escape from Hampton Court Palace. Thomas, the sixth and final Earl, fought in a number of military campaigns and settled in Fredericton in 1900. Since he was a military man by training but too old to fight when the First World War broke out, he organized and participated in the war efforts here at home. He died in 1924 on a visit back home to England.

The window features Shakespeare in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, a reference to his love of theatre and to his British heritage. His family crest can be seen at the bottom of the left panel.

Ashburnham Window

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