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The More Things Change...The More They Stay The Same

Jan. 22 to Mar. 11, 2016

On the occasion of the UNB Art Centre’s opening in 1941, Lucy Jarvis expressed her desire that “the nature of the activities in [the UNB Art Centre] should be happy – intelligent – creative – informative and lively”. Anyone who has visited the UNB Art Centre since then cannot help but realize that Lucy’s desire continues to shape the activities in this place. Over the past seventy-five years the UNB Art Centre has hosted some of New Brunswick and Canada’s foremost artists, has mounted hundreds of exhibitions, and has contributed to the cultural and artistic life of the Fredericton and UNB communities. In 2016, the UNB Art Centre will commemorate its seventy-fifth anniversary with a yearlong celebration of its past, present, and future.

Beginning on Jan. 22, the UNB Art Centre will host the first of its anniversary exhibitions. Entitled, The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same, this show will look back to the early years of the UNB Art Centre. The exhibition will focus on the year 1941, the city of Fredericton, and the state of the world in which the UNB Art Centre was launched. Featuring the music and art from the first years of the UNB Art Centre, we invite you to join us as we open this first exhibition on Friday, Jan. 22 from 5-7 p.m. at the UNB Art Centre.

Throughout its 75 years, the UNB Art Centre has demonstrated its importance as a cultural, artistic, and educational space within the broader UNB and Fredericton communities. In 2016, the UNB Art Centre will celebrate its 75th anniversary by reflecting on the contributions of the many individuals and circumstances that have brought the UNB Art Centre to this point. A series of events and exhibitions are planned to help commemorate the occasion, including films, lectures, and live theatre. These events will honour the legacies of the UNB Art Centre – the people, experiences, and histories who have shaped the Centre into the dynamic institution it is today.

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