Nov. 14, 2014: Unstilled Egos & The Glooscap/Kluskap Series | UNB

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Unstilled Egos: Selected Works by Chantal Khoury
Dozay's Glooscap/Kluskap Series

Nov. 14 to Dec. 19, 2014

Chantal Khoury’s artistic practice focuses on figurative studies that probe the female identity, awkward beauty and lost glamour. Her compositions are inspired by images found in newspapers and magazines and often feature a “lonely protagonist.” Working in oil paint, Ms. Khoury’s paintings are simplified and abstracted, featuring a Fauvist palette with intense colour contrasts and loose brushwork. The paintings presented in the exhibition Unstilled Egos: Selected Works by Chantal Khoury are striking studies in contemporary expressionism. 

Originally from Fredericton, now based in Montreal, Chantal Khoury received her BFA from Concordia University.

Dozay’s Glooscap/Kluskap Series was born of a desire to bring attention to the distinct aboriginal culture of the Wabanaki tribes of North America. Illustrating the story of Glooscap, the legendary founder and guide of the Wabanaki people, the exhibit features episodes in the life of Glooscap and traces his adventures along the Wolastoq. Each painting is accompanied by text panels containing stories, poems and historical notes describing the landmarks in each of the paintings.

These airbrushed acrylic paintings have the appearance of dreams, or recollections, referencing the stories the Wabanaki people have always known but which were never written down. Each painting features a unique border design based on ancient petroglyphs, birch bark baskets, clothing and wampum.

Dozay was born and raised on the banks of the Saint John and Tobique Rivers. She attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

This exhibit is presented in conjunction with the University of New Brunswick’s Mi’kmaq-Maliseet Institute’s Circle of Understanding program designed to promote Mi’kmaq-Maliseet culture and history within the community.

As part of this program please join us at 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 3 in Memorial Hall for a night of cultural celebration.

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