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Second Coming

Artist statement

My goal in art is to challenge views of normal everyday life through concepts of religion, technology, morals, ideals, and fears. I strive to instill and install uneasiness in the viewer in the hopes of prompting questions of dependency on religion and technology. I also try to convey an unnatural comfort in our symbiotic relationship with modern machinery and technological advancement.

Computer intelligence is growing astronomically and gaining the ability to compete and win against humans; case in point, the computer named “Watson” that won Jeopardy and “Deep Blue” which beat world champion chess player Garry Kasparov. Imagine the day when machine intelligence exceeds that of its creator; human-kind. At that point humanity will have a choice to make: embrace mechanized consciousness or fight it. Machines networked like the human mind will create a singular awareness and this technological singularity is just on the horizon.

My artwork is a representation of the struggle and balance between the traditional and the futuristic, between technology and consciousness. Paradoxically, my subject matter often questions the technology I use to create the work.

Artist bio

Troy Stanley

Troy StanleyTroy Stanley is a Canadian artist who works in multiple mediums, including painting, digital art, graphic design, sculpture, and large-scale installation works. He attended the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and graduated in 1998. He was part of the CanCer crew of graffiti artists and was featured in the UNB Art Centre’s exhibit Against the Wall: The Art of Graffiti in 1997. He was also one of 4 artists featured in the exhibit 4.99 in 1999 along with Lee Horus Clark, Chris Giles and Adam Garwood. The series Stations of the Bios was exhibited in Werkstatt 2004. Werkstatt (German: “workshop”) was a series of exhibits designed to highlight the work of emerging artists in Fredericton. In 2007, he exhibited Four Horsemen, a series of 21 works, at the Green Turtle Gallery in Fredericton, and in 2012, he received an artsnb grant for a body of work called Singularity. He credits H.R. Giger, Jean Giraud (Mœbius), and filmmaker Stan Winston as influences on his art. Troy Stanley currently lives in Oshawa, Ontario where he moved to be with his daughter.


List of works

Stations of the Bios I-XIV, 2004
Photographic print on silk
42.5 X 85.0 cm

*Quote by French writer and philosopher Joseph Joubert (175401824) from Recueil des pensées de M. Joubert (1838).

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