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Spring/Summer 2021

Letters from the Presidents

UNB President Dr. Paul Mazerolle

ALUMNI NEWS MAGAZINE | Spring/Summer 2021

UNB President Paul J. Mazerolle

have long been convinced that universities exist to change the world. and UNB is a prime example of this truth. Founded more than 200 years ago as an instrument for transformative change, UNB has for generations maintained its deep commitment to advancing the social, cultural and economic potential of New Brunswick, the region and beyond.   

Our world at UNB experienced major change this year, as did the entire world as we adapted to the challenges of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Indeed, this past year has been unprecedented for our university and is best characterized by the resilience and flexibility of our faculty, staff and students. Our academic community adjusted to “alternative delivery methods,” blending online, remote learning with small in-person classes where it was safe and feasible to do so. The graduates from 2020 who read this issue will fully understand the challenges associated with this transition in moving to virtual instruction, at-home exams and a virtual graduation.   

Despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, UNB students, faculty, staff and alumni continue to thrive. We have many incredible people who are passionate about our institution and its purpose, and who continue to effect positive change within communities large and small, near and far. 

This issue’s focus on changemakers is clear evidence of that. From fostering entrepreneurship to supporting newcomers and inclusion, from promoting healthy aging to tackling poverty, enriching life on our campuses and more, UNB people are having a material impact on their communities.   

Capturing how UNB is changing the world is important and is why we’ve recently launched the UNB is here marketing campaign to vividly illustrate the many ways UNB is wherever its people are pushing the world forward. I encourage you to read the stories and watch the videos. I think you will find them to be a source of inspiration and pride.  

Our mission to serve the public good is deeply ingrained in our history, our present and our future as set out in our strategic vision UNB Toward 2030. Visit unb.ca/toward2030 to learn more. Our vision includes the importance of applying our academic capabilities toward addressing some of the grand challenges of our time including the necessity to confront our future energy needs, our need to foster healthy communities, the importance of security across our communities and our critical infrastructure, and the need to understand and preserve our water systems and courses. These challenges are to be understood in the broadest sense — interdisciplinary, multi-faceted, engaging all of our intellectual capital from the artistic to the highly technical.   

With the arrival of COVID vaccines and the resolve on the part of UNB and the province that in-person classes and on-campus activities will resume in the fall, I have a renewed sense of optimism for the future. We know that life will not be exactly as it was before the pandemic, but I am confident that, together, we can work toward a better normal and create an even stronger, more vibrant and thriving University of  New Brunswick. 

The world needs more UNB! 

Paul J. Mazerolle (BA'89)  
UNB President and Vice-Chancellor