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Fall 2021

Associated Alumni

Twenty years of supporting outstanding students


Alumni Student Leadership Award

Now in its 20th year, the Alumni Student Leadership Award is presented each year to undergraduate students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership through involvement in extracurricular activities on campus and in their community. 

Katie HerringtinKatie Herrington (BA)

A tremendous volunteer both on the Saint John campus and in the local community, Katie has continuously been a part of activities where her actions can impact and enact substantial, long-term change. Also a recipient of the Sandra Irving Scholarship, she is a valuable volunteer with the Promise Partnership Program, served as writer/editor of the campus newspaper, and initiated several student-led drives to support local non-profits in the Saint John area. Recently, she founded and is co-chair of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) committee to promote these principles on campus and to advocate on behalf of marginalized groups.

"EDI is very close to my heart, and I hope to continue and broaden our work in the next school year as the pandemic subsides. I have always strived to be as invested as possible in extra-curricular activities, and I feel I have demonstrated my leadership through the several initiatives and events I have been involved with on campus."

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Reid Sutherland

Reid Sutherland (BA/BSC)

Since her first year at UNB, Reid immersed herself in campus activities, starting as a peer mentor in the faculty of science, serving as hall proctor in residence, and participating on UNB’s women’s rugby team. In 2018, she was part of a leadership group that started the Girls STEM Up initiative at UNB which led her to be logistics chair for the first conference. The following year, she took on the role of conference chair and founded the Girls STEM Up Bursary Program. Reid received the Leslie E. Bruce Environmental Scholarship in 2019-20. A proud ambassador for UNB and for her faculty, her work with the Atlantic Student Research Journal offered her a chance to build connections with the entire UNB student community and share meaningful experiences, opportunities, and research with peers and colleagues. She also shares her love for UNB with prospective students assisting the recruitment office with open houses, campus tours and orientation events.

"It is my commitment to building inclusive initiatives and creating space for people who need support that provides me with an exceptional feeling of fulfillment. My time at UNB has been made complete by the sense of community, empowerment, and a passion for helping uplift others and improve their access to opportunities for development that I have found."

Khaleem Farooq ShaikKhaleem Farooq Shaik (BBA)

Khaleem has been an incredible student leader during his time at UNB, serving as student senator, UNB Student Union food marketing director, and participating in several academic societies on campus. His leadership and work led to the university creating a UPass for international students, and the establishment of the UNBSU Hamper Food Box Program that helps to support students facing financial barriers, which prohibit them from accessing good food. As an international student, Khaleem understands the challenges of settling into a new environment. This led him to initiate the first International Week at UNB which showcases diverse cultures through various events and celebrates the achievements of international students. He was also involved in the Global Gala, an event to recognize student leaders who have inspired and made an impact at UNB and in the local Fredericton community.

"I have aimed to make a difference in the UNB community. All my experiences during my time on campus have made me a better person by building a foundation of my leadership abilities to represent the students.

"I have been grateful to share this legacy with students who keep on inspiring others to do better and always take time to make a better community."