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Fall 2022

Letters from the Presidents

UNB President Dr. Paul Mazerolle


I often say universities exist to change the world and there is no better example of how we do this than through the research on university campuses.

The week of Oct. 3, UNB held our first research celebration week. During the week, we put a spotlight on some of the groundbreaking research at UNB and celebrated the accomplishments of our researchers, students, partners and staff and the impact their work has made in New Brunswick, Canada and the world.

UNB is New Brunswick’s only nationally comprehensive university, and we conduct more than 70 per cent of the research in the province.

We are a national leader in cybersecurity, mobility rehabilitation and forestry research and home to several prestigious research chairs in areas ranging from the digitization of the construction industry, regional economics and medical devices and technologies.

During the past year, we have welcomed five new research chairs to the UNB community. Their work in healthy aging, resilient communities, marine additive manufacturing, the Internet of Things and digital entrepreneurship joins the innovative work of the existing research chairs at UNB.

UNB researchers are finding ways to make health care more inclusive, efficient and effective. Our researchers in cybersecurity are producing technology to help industry, academia and the public confront emerging threats. Researchers in energy and the environment are finding more sustainable ways to power the planet and protect its complex ecosystems.

“Our researchers contribute to some of the most important work being done on this planet and beyond.”

The research conducted by UNB alumni is also improving lives. UNB alumnus Patrick Whalen (BScChE’03), featured in this issue, is the CEO of LuminUltra, a Fredericton-based company that includes many other UNB alumni. Their innovative, community-focused solutions to microbiological problems have made them international leaders in their field.

From providing hundreds of thousands of tests per week to Canadians to developing water testing systems used by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, LuminUltra has been at the forefront of finding solutions to combat COVID - 19.

Through partnerships, our researchers contribute to some of the most important work being done on this planet and beyond. Working with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Canadian Space Agency, UNB contributes to the Atmosphere Observing System mission. Currently slated to launch in 2028 and 2031, this major multi-satellite mission will improve extreme weather prediction, climate modelling, and the monitoring of disasters. This work will improve environmental prediction to support adaptation and climate resilience.

Beyond earth’s stratosphere, UNB researchers are working on methods of determining the presence of life on other planets and creating computer simulations to understand better what goes on inside black holes.

Whether creating new technology, policy or ideas, our researchers are at the forefront of innovation in New Brunswick and Canada. Through the work of our researchers, we attract students to our campuses, foster translational research impact and grow our reputation worldwide. We contribute to improving people’s lives, which makes us all proud, and demonstrates clearly that the world does, in fact, need more UNB.

Proudly UNB,
Paul J. Mazerolle (BA'89)
UNB President and Vice-Chancellor