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Fall 2022

Associated Alumni

Supporting future alumni


The Alumni Student Leadership Award is presented each year to undergraduate students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership through involvement in extracurricular activities on campus and in their community.

Houda El Hajjaoui (BScChE)

Houda is a chemical engineering student who has been actively involved on campus and in the community. She is the communications director for Shades of Change, an organization designed to advocate for a kinder and more respectful environment for people of colour. Houda has also taken on many leadership roles such as events director and councillor for the engineering society.

"Staying here at UNB and pursuing my passion in renewable energy, while also being able to be an important part of this community has been a special moment in my life that I hope will last as long as possible."

Callum Hunter (BPhil)

Callum, a Renaissance College student, has been heavily involved in her faculty and campus life. She has served as a residence proctor and represented UNB in the community through her volunteer work with hospice and L’Arche.

"I am truly so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to get to know my UNB community better, and I hope that my engagement in my faculty and in residence have helped others to find their place and their passion here as well." 

Kate Palmer (BSc) 

Kate, a science student on the UNB Fredericton campus, is not afraid to tackle uncomfortable topics to improve student life. Kate’s involvement on campus includes advocating for mental and menstrual health. Her community volunteer work includes Liberty Lane, a shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. 

Read our Q&A with Kate.

"My experience has deeply instilled my sense of pride in the UNB community, and I hope my contributions leave a long-lasting impact."

Ridhi Sharma(BN)

Ridhi, a nursing student on the UNB Fredericton campus, has previously served as the Student Union’s vice-president internal, in addition to holding many other student and volunteer roles. Ridhi is committed to student wellness, supporting diversity, and advocating for academic resources for students.

"I am proud to be part of the UNB community and will continue advocating for student experiences and further serve the community provincially and nationally."