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Fall 2021

Letters from the Presidents

UNB President Dr. Paul Mazerolle



Our world is very different when compared to just two short years ago.

The global pandemic has changed how we work and live, illustrating a greater need to build a future that is driven by innovation and adaptability. Through change, we have unlimited opportunity to create positive momentum.

As an optimist, I am confident that the learnings we have gained through the global pandemic will strengthen our work and our ambitions to advance the public good in New Brunswick, Canada and across the world. I have said before that COVID-19 will not define what we do at UNB; rather it will magnify the importance of our work. I believe that the enduring value of what we do at UNB has and will continue to shine through this period of our history.

UNB has always emphasized transformation – whether it’s providing students with learning opportunities that shape their world views, or undertaking ground-breaking research and initiatives to solve great challenges and improve our quality of life. When I meet with UNB alumni, I take great pride in hearing how their university experience transformed their lives – how it contributed to their career, their success, their perspective and some of their long-standing friendships. We continue to work to ensure each and every person who attends UNB has a transformative experience.

This issue’s theme of transformation is fitting and highlights an exciting time at our university. As society begins to recover from this global event, we have the opportunity to build it even better than before. Earlier this fall, UNB launched the McKenna Institute, a bold initiative spurred forward by the Hon. Frank McKenna, former New Brunswick premier. Through this vision of digital transformation, we can overcome traditional restrictions, such as location, and establish New Brunswick as a technology leader.

The Health and Technology District Saint John, part of UNB’s recently announced Integrated Health Initiative, was also launched. This ambitious initiative will position Saint John as the leading hub for digital health and health entrepreneurship in Atlantic Canada.

The development of the Harriet Irving Library Research Commons, supported by the Arthur L. Irving Family Foundation, has transformed the third floor of the Harriet Irving Library into a modern, interdisciplinary, research-driven learning environment to further innovation, scholarship and research at UNB.

There is no doubt that our world has changed, and it has been a challenging journey for many, but the UNB community is resilient and tenacious. Our transition back to in-person learning has reinvigorated our campuses and renewed the value and importance of human connectedness to the work we are doing, whilst adhering to public health guidelines and restrictions.

Everything we do touches lives beyond our campuses. Whether it’s through our research activities, our bold ideas or our more than 96,000 alumni around the world, we have the ability and the opportunity to revitalize the province as we emerge from the pandemic. UNB has an important leadership role to play in this significant transformation.