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100th Anniversary Edition

Alumni News | Fall 1992

Introducing a new medium for our message

ALUMNI NEWS MAGAZINE | 100th Anniversary Edition

On behalf of the Associated Alumni, I would like to welcome you to your new Alumni magazine. 

The old tabloid-style UNB Perspectives has been replaced with this revamped magazine issue of UNB Alumni News. Our intent is simple - to keep you in better touch with your classmates and your university.  

I suspect the first thing you are asking yourself is: "How much does this new format cost?" Surprisingly, the new format, with color reproduction on glossy paper stock, has been produced at roughly the same cost as Perspectives. And as you will notice, we are now selling advertising space - which will further reduce our costs. 

The change in format is the product of a great deal of thought and research on the part of the Associated Alumni. The Council has had general discussions about switching to a magazine format for a number of years. Then last fall, the Look Who's Talking alumni opinion program gathered some solid information on your attitudes toward Perspectives.  

While the response to the old format was better than we expected, there was a rather high degree of discontent - 61 per cent - with such aspects of Perspectives as the cover, photographs and layout. Those concerns were among the reasons we decided to move to a magazine that would better serve our alumni by providing a more attractive and readable format. 

The change would not have come about, however, without co-operation between UNB President Dr. Robin Armstrong and the Alumni Council. With Dr. Armstrong's backing, the Associated Alumni has been able to pursue this project. 

I also want to introduce you to Milt Thomas, the new editor of Alumni News. Milt is no stranger to UNB. A 1973 BA graduate, the Fredericton native began a 19-year newspaper career with The Brunswickan. He has written, edited and been a page designer for daily newspapers in Fredericton, Windsor, Ont., and Ottawa. He will be giving you some specifics about the Alumni News in the space below.  

The Associated Alumni is confident the Alumni News will advance the objectives under which Perspectives operated, namely "to foster in its alumni an interest in and involvement with the university and each other by keeping them informed about themselves, their activities and their alma mater:' Please let me know what you think about our efforts.

- Frederick C. McElman (BBA’72, LLB'78) President, Associated Alumni (1991 -1993) 

Take my hand and we'll go for a walk through the News  

Now that Fred's handled the general introductions, let's deal with the specifics. Here's how we've organized this first edition of Alumni News.  

Starting on page 6, we have news from both campuses. The section is known as "UNB Digest" and offers short news items.  

Next comes the cover story, and (please forgive us) it's a Constitution piece. But it's not so much about politics as it is people, people you and I walked the campus with and who have played a role of some kind in this great national debate. We felt that at this turning point in Canada's history, it was appropriate to highlight UNBers who have been, as we say, "Part of the Process:' Next comes another feature that focuses on a major challenge facing the university - recruitment - and the role alumni can play in helping out.  

Six pages of Association Activities follow, with an emphasis on images, and information you can use wherever you are.  

Then, of course, our most popular item, Hither and Yon. We haven't tampered with it. And we haven't forgotten our sports fans, who get a couple of pages right behind Hither & Yon. 

Sprinkled throughout Alumni News from time to time will be little "FYI' (for-your-information) boxes, which offer up a few facts about UNB or people connected with the institution.  

That's what's ahead of you in these pages. What's more important, however, is what you think of them. This magazine is being put out for you, and we'd like to know what you think. The News will always welcome letters to the editor, and we'll do all we can to answer any concerns you have. Please, just drop us a line.  

- Milt Thomas (BBA’73) Editor (1992-2011) 

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