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100th Anniversary Edition

The Alumni News | Fall 1985

First Saint John grads reunite after decade

ALUMNI NEWS MAGAZINE | 100th Anniversary Edition


Ten years ago 46 students petitioned UNB president, John Anderson, for the right to graduate from the campus where they had earned their degrees. This past May boasted the 11th spring convocation for the Saint John campus and the first 10-year reunion for its alumni. Approximately 50 per cent of the class participated in all or some of the three-day activities.  

Friday night, graduates and guests re-acquainted with each other and the taste of draft beer, as Moosehead Breweries allowed them to re-live their youth at a social in the Alpine Room. Neither the passing of years nor a driving rainstorm could dampen their enthusiasm for a party. Dinner the next evening was held at Maguire's Steak House where G. Forbes Elliot, former principal and acting vice-president, and Mrs. Elliot joined the class to reminisce about the early days in Tucker Park. Clippings, photographs and yearbooks brought back many memories which had been stored but not forgotten. 

Regrets and best wishes were received from a number of students unable to attend, including those from Ron Titus (BA), Lusaka, Zambia; Bob Burns (BBA), Vancouver, B.C.; Grant MacDonald (BBA '72, BA '75), Toronto; and Stuart Muir (BBA), Morinville, Alta. Donations from them and from class members in attendance enabled the Class of 1975 to purchase a cap, gown and hood in memory of classmate Margaret Ann Lacey (BT '69). Presentation of the gift was made at the convocation luncheon later in the week.  

Family day on Sunday included a challenge match with the oldies of 1975 pitted against the Class of 1985. Although the "'slow" ball game was close in action, the final score was 22-2 for the alumni. The Class of 1985 will, no doubt, be stiff competition in 1995. 

As farewells were exchanged, "We should do this every five years" echoed above the good-byes - in which case, Mike, Steve, Don and Terry should start making plans now.  


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