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100th Anniversary Edition

The Alumni News | Vol. 19, No. 3 | Autumn 1965

Student Union Building

ALUMNI NEWS MAGAZINE | 100th Anniversary Edition

In the past several years the Alumni News, due to the rapid expansion of the University, has presented a number of pictures of sod turning ceremonies. Above, we show the most recent, for the new Student Union Building, held after Fall Convocation on October the sixth. But this one is unique for several reasons.  

First, of course, is the obvious novelty of three sods turned by three spades held by three presidents of three student bodies. This symbolic beginning arose from the joint planning of St. Thomas, Teachers' College and U.N.B. students for the Student Union Building to be shared by the three of them.  

Second, and perhaps more symbolic, is the action of the students in supporting this building. They are, in a sense, anticipating their joining the ranks of responsible Alumni, by planning and helping to finance a project at their university which the majority of them will not be here to use.  

U.N.B. students, on their own initiative and realizing the need for expanded facilities in the Memorial Student Centre, voluntarily started planning and assessing themselves a levy  
of ten dollars per student per year three years ago. Originally the fund was for an addition to the present Memorial Student Centre but with ever-increasing registration, it soon became apparent that another wing could not provide nearly enough space and a new building, planned for expansion, would be needed. 

In the three years since the start of the project, U.N.B. students have amassed over $60,000. St. Thomas students have followed the same system this year, bringing the total in the fund to about $65,000. Teachers' College students are cooperating but have not yet decided the amount of their levy.  

The University has agreed to match the student contribution approximately dollar for dollar, footing half the expenses of construction. In addition to the $1,200,000 cost of the building, $300,000 will be required for furnishings. Half the cost of this will also be the responsibility of the students. 

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