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100th Anniversary Edition

The Alumni News From Up The Hill| Vol. 1. No. 2 | February 1947

Editor's Corner

ALUMNI NEWS MAGAZINE | 100th Anniversary Edition

It is with pleasure that the second issue of the Alumni News goes out toyou this month. It is bigger and, in our opinion, better than Volume I, Number I. But it is not our opinion which counts as much as yours. Do YOU approve the changes which have been made? Would you like to see more or less space givento university news, to personals, to news of the societies, to undergraduate activities? Your criticism and suggestions would be appreciated. 

If you have been promoted, or transferred, or left your position in favor of another, if you have married, if you have had a blessed event, your friends would like to know about it. We will tell them via the Alumni News if you will tell us. A post card or hasti-note will do the trick. 

Remember the postcards which were sent out with the first issue? To date, only 436 have been returned. If the remaining 1,636 are still cluttering up desks, please complete them and send them in. It is not too late. Even if you are certain that we have your correct address, other than confirmation of it, the cards have a function in the office. 

Prompted by the maiden number of the Alumni News requests have been received from Ottawa, Vancouver, and New York for the names of graduatesin those cities. We have been glad to comply, and whether you live in Halifax or Victoria, Charlotte county or Gloucester county, Montreal or Toronto, Saskatchewan or Alberta, Massachusetts or Illinois etc., lists are available onrequest. If you cannot come back for the reunion, we suggest that you organize a meeting in your vicinity to coincide with ours on the hill. 

We would like to see an effective organization of UNB graduates not only on a geographical basis but also by classes. The Alumni News, a membership drive, the reunion, the forthcoming War Memorial campaign, and generally more active societies demand that the class officers display more initiative. How about it? 

Finally, we should like to thank all those who wrote letters, or notes on the cards which they returned. They had such a definitely morale-boosting effect that they were greatly appreciated. 


 --Editor Unknown 


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