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100th Anniversary Edition

The Alumni News From Up The Hill| Vol. 1, No. 1 | December 1946

UNB President's Letter

ALUMNI NEWS MAGAZINE | 100th Anniversary Edition

Ever since coming to the Hill, I have looked forward to this day when steps could be taken for keeping up-to-date a central registry of UNB graduates and former students, and when there could be started to them a regular series of bulletins. I am grateful to the alumni for making this possible through the appointment of Jack Murray as Field Secretary.  
Earnestly I have sought to find the role of the president of a university, - of this university in particular. I am not sure how far I have got, but of one important function devolving upon him I am certain, namely, to maintain a close four-way relationship with (a) the governing body, (b) the faculty and staff, (c) the student body and (d) the graduate body.  
While I doubt if I am fulfilling all my obligations to the first three, I know I am not doing so to the fourth. Now that Mr. Murray has an active clearing-house in operation I ask you to help me correct this situation. Through him I shall seek a candid interpretation of your aspirations for the UNB of today which is seething with activity and interest.

- Milton F. Gregg 


VOL. 2, NO. 2 MARCH 1948 

Dr. A.W. Trueman, M.A., D.Litt., prominent Canadian educationist, has been appointed President of the University of New Brunswick. The appointment, which was made by the provincial government on the recommendation of the University Senate, was announced early in January.  

At present Dr. Trueman is the President of the University of Manitoba said to be Canada's third largest University. He will not take office Up the Hill until the summer. The new U.N.B. head is young for a College President. He is only 46.  

Besides the extensive and valuable experience which Dr. Trueman has gained in Winnipeg he is otherwise eminently qualified for his new post.  

From 1942-1945 he was Superintendent of Schools at Saint John. Before that he was head of the department of English at Mount Allison University.  

During his own student days Bud Trueman, as he was known, was a leader. He won an I.O.D.E. Scholarship which enable him to study at Exeter College, Oxford.  

Finally, that an able president has been chosen to succeed Hon. Milton F. Gregg, V.C., now Minister of Veterans' Affairs is in the federal cabinet, is evident from the following tributes to the Manitoban. 

VOL. 8, NO. 1 OCTOBER 1953 

A young alumnus, Colin, B. Mackay ‘ 42, has been appointed to the presidency of the University of New Brunswick. He succeeds Dr. Albert W. Trueman, who left the University to become Chairman of the National Film Board.  

Colin Bridges Mackay is thirty-three years of age. He graduated in arts in 1942. During the war, he served in the Royal Canadian Navy. He took part in the invasion of Normandy during which he was in command of a landing craft. He also served with the Royal Navy in the invasion of Malaya. 

Following the cessation of hostilities and his discharge, Mr. Mackay resumed his studies and in 1949 graduated in law from the University of British Columbia. Since that time he has practiced his profession in Saint John in the firm of Ritchie, McKelvey and Mackay.  

During his student days "up the hill", Colin Mackay was a leader in many campus activities. His interest in and enthusiasm for U.N.B. have not diminished and at the time of his appointment has was second vice­president of the Associated Alumni. 

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