#HERE4U Peer Support Program

#HERE4U's mission is to provide non-professional, peer-based support to our fellow students.  

We are a non-judgmental, safe place you can go to talk with peers, to be heard, to find out information, or to get assisstance in contacting an appropriate professional.  

Our goal is to encourage and promote positive mental health and wellbeing.  We want to create a place for us all to feel, think, and behave in ways the enable us to enjoy life and effectively deal with the challenges we face.

We're here, not only to build and strengthen a positive sense of wellbeing, but also to talk about problems you may be having and assist with positive coping techniques.  No topic is off limits, anything you want to discuss we're #HERE4U.

Another goal we have is to educate and create a campus community that shares responsibility for promoting and carrying a message of connection and caring to all students, thereby reducing isolation and enhancing social support. This shared campus responsibility broadens the personnel and resources available to reduce the percentage of students who have high risk behaviours. We want to increase awareness and promote help-seeking behaviour through information, self-assessment, and discussion about mental illness, stress, and other life struggles. We also want to support those at risk and assist them in getting the help they need.

We are #HERE4U!

If you are in crisis now, please reach out by calling:

  • Mobile Mental Health Crisis Services: 1-888-811-3664
  • CHIMO Helpline: 1-800-667-5005
  • or 911