Request Accommodated Test

Students who require accommodations on tests, quizzes, and midterms will have to fill out an Academic Accommodation form for each course they are registered in, and require test accommodations for.  You can book an appointment with the Accessibility Counsellor, Ken Craft by emailing or calling 506-648-5690.

Once the student and the Student Accessibility Counsellor have filled out Part 1 of the Academic Accommodation Form, then the student will bring the form to their instructor and have them fill out Part 2.  It is important for the instructor to fill out the quiz/ test/ midterm dates and times accurately and then sign the form.  We also recommend that students and instructors make a copy of the form to refer to as a reminder.

When the accurate dates and times are submitted to the Student Accessibility Centre, then the scheduling of students quiz /tests/ midterms can begin.  The Student Accessibility Support Coordinator will book students tests.  A reminder will most likely be sent to students about 24 hours before the scheduled test.  However, it is important that students keep track of their own test/ quiz and midterm dates and times as well.