Tips on Running Your Home

Here is a compilation of helpful tips on running your home from students who have experience living off-campus:


"Buy juice from concentrate. It's easier to store and carry and it's way cheaper." - Peter, 3rd yr. BBA

"Learn to cook. Fresh produce is cheaper than processed stuff. (It tastes better, too!)" - Peter, 3rd yr. BBA

"Don't eat out if you can avoid it. Bring a packed lunch to school. Cafe and restaurant food will tend to be expensive and less healthy." - Christopher, 4th yr. BA/BCS

"Leftovers are your friend. Cook big portions and save some for lunch or when you don't like cooking. This also allows you to buy things in larger packages, which saves you money." - Jeff, 2nd yr. Law

"Buy a bunch of hamburger, cook it all at once and freeze the pre-cooked meat that you don't eat. When you need to make a quick meal, just thaw the meat and add it to whatever you're making. This will cut cooking time for things like spaghetti in half." - Jeff, 2nd yr. Law

"It's easy to forget that you need milk, fresh veggies, and other perishable food. Getting stuck in the Kraft Dinner rut is possible, and bad. You have to stay healthy." - Jono, 4th yr. BSc

Keeping Your Place Clean

"Get a rotation with your roomies. Each week have one person be in charge of tidying (a) bathroom, (b) kitchen, and (c) living room. Just rotate each week. Keep things fair and clean." - Jono, 4th yr. BSc

"My best tip on keeping clean is to keep at it. Do a little bit everyday so it doesn't get so bad that it takes you all day." - Peter, 3rd yr. BBA

"Bring as little personal junk as you can. That giant teddy bear your BF gave you in Middle School is not useful! Avoid clutter and keep things simple. With notes and books and stuff you have enough to organize without adding a whole lot of junk you don't use." - Sulaye, Masters Student

"Clean up regularly and keep it neat or it will be the size of mess you won't be able to motivate yourself to clean up." - Christopher, 4th yr. BA/BCS

"Rinse your dishes as soon as you are done with them. They are much harder to wash if you let the food dry on." - Jeff, 2nd yr. Law

"I always take Saturday morning to sleep in some and then get up and clean the whole house. Crank up the music, get everybody going, and make it fun. Throw in some washes cause they take the longest and while they are going to get the rest of the cleaning done." - Kevin, 4th yr. BSE

"I know this is going to sound dorky, but my roommate and I had tidy Sundays! On Sundays my roommate and I took 1 hour out of our day to do all of the big cleaning around the house. Things ilke, sweeping, moping, cleaning the bathroom, and starting laundry. This really worked well." - Jessica, BRSS Grad

"To keep my own personal space clean I made sure to tidy up my room for 5 minutes every night before I went to bed. I just picked up things around my room whil I let my face scrub do its job." - Jessica, BRSS Grad


"If any bills are in your name, pay them on time! Even if you roommates still owe their part of it, it'll look bad on your personal credit score if you pay late. On the bills note, before you get your own place, put your name in your parents power bill account (assuming they pay it consistently... and they have power with NBPOWER). You'll get around paying the first timer's fee. They'll only charge you a service fee for activating power at your new place." - Peter, 3rd yr. BBA

"When you get your student load in September you feel rich and sometimes forget that that money has to pay your rent, electricity, phone, internet, and cable bills over the next 4 months. I found a good solution was to open up a separate bank account for bills and rent. At the beginning of each semester I figured out how much I needed for my bills and put it into that account. I did not touch this money (even when I was strapped for party cash), this ensured that I always had money to pay my bills. It is important to remember to set aside money for January when you are doing this because you will not get your winter student loans until after your January rent is due." - Jessica, BRSS Grad