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Student Health Closure

- Tuesday Feb 25th at 10:30 am, will re-open Wednesday at 8:15am.

Flu Shots Available - 

The Student Health Centre is able to give flu shots during business hours.  $15 per student and $25 for all others.  You will need to wait 15 minutes following your immunization.

Who can access Student Health? 

  • If you are a full time student during fall 2013 term
  • If you graduate in the spring, you can still access through the summer, but make sure you get your name on a list for a community doctor as your access 
  • ELP and Shad Valley participants have access for a one-time fee of $10 for the term


The UNB Student Health Centre is committed to providing quality primary health care.  Open year round to full-time UNB  and STU students.  We assess and manage a wide variety of medical problems.  We know the importance of wellness to a student's academic success and our goal is to help you keep interruptions to your studies to a minimum.

Our services are CONFIDENTIAL.Student Health Centre picture

Bring to EVERY appointment:

  • a valid Student ID card
  • a valid Provincial Health Card or alternate health care coverage information
  • International students must complete a health insurance claim form for every visit

Patient Rights

Patient Connect NB

This is a provincially managed, bilingual patient registry for New Brunswickers without a family doctor.  call Tele-Care at 811 to register OR online at

If you are already on a no-physician list you do not need to re-register.  You have already been added to the new patient registry and have maintained your priority.

Have the FLU, a COLD, or maybe a STOMACH VIRUS?  

Did you know some viruses can live on surfaces anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days!

Here are a few tips to help prevent catching or spreading a cold, the flu, pertussis or a stomach virus:

  • WASH your hands with WARM & SOAPY water frequently.
  • Use hand sanitizer (60 to 90% alcohol based) when you do not have access to wash your hands.
  • If you are sick try to isolate yourself from others when possible to avoid spreading germs.
  • Cough and sneeze into your sleeve to prevent spreading germs to others.
  • Discard tissues into a waste basket.
  • Clean regularly using household cleaners, areas that are touched frequently such as keyboards, doorknobs, sink water tap handles, phones, desktop surfaces, etc.
  • Get your flu shot, still available at the Student Health Centre.

Read more on flu prevention, written by Stacey Taylor, NP

For more information go to:

Information on Norovirus (stomach flu)