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VitalSignsNB: The Results Are In

Author: NB-IRDT Staff

Posted on Oct 8, 2021

Category: Media , Health


Vaccines have been dominating news outlets this year, with COVID-19 vaccination rates a topic of great interest and even greater concern. In New Brunswick, COVID vaccines are provided free of charge at pharmacies, joining the yearly flu shot as the only other vaccine pharmacists can provide to New Brunswickers at no personal cost to the recipients.

Pharmacist-administered COVID vaccines are being subsidized to promote and speed up vaccination among New Brunswickers – but what would happen if other vaccines were also available at pharmacies free of charge?

Would New Brunswickers be more likely to get vaccinated? Would the province’s health care system see any cost savings? Would physicians see a lighter workload, enabling them to take on more patients?

Our researchers asked these very questions, and their results and methodologies are now available in the full report.


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