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VitalSignsNB midwifery student spotlight: Meet the students characterizing midwifery services in New Brunswick

Shirley Andow and Behdad Beykzadeh

Posted: May 28, 2024

Category: Student Spotlights , Health , Pathways to Professions

What is VitalSignsNB? VitalSignsNB is a student research stream in NB-IRDT’s Pathways to Professions experiential learning program. Led by Dr. Chris Folkins, this stream uses administrative data to explore topics related to health and the healthcare system in New Brunswick with the goal of supporting evidence-informed decision making to promote a healthier future for the province. In...

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VitalSignsNB diabetes student spotlight: Meet the students exploring chronic disease diagnoses in administrative data

Bailey Howland and Gavin Woodward

Posted: May 9, 2024

Category: Health , Pathways to Professions , Student Spotlights , Education

The VitalSignsNB research stream in NB-IRDT’s Pathways to Professions experiential learning program has focused on a different health-related project each summer since 2021. In 2023, VitalSignsNB expanded to host two new projects at once – one that focused on midwifery services in New Brunswick (featured in an upcoming Student Spotlight) while the other examined diabetes cases in...

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ActionNB student spotlight: Meet the students developing IDEA action plans for the public sector

Olivia Hamilton, Diego Molina, Bea Rivera and Alex Tran

Posted: Mar 11, 2024

Category: Student Spotlights , Pathways to Professions , Evidence-based Policy

In summer 2023, NB-IRDT welcomed ActionNB – a student research stream led by Future GNB – to its Pathways to Professions experiential learning program. Under the supervision of the Government of New Brunswick’s (GNB) Finance and Treasury Board, the ActionNB team focused on identifying Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) best practices and developing them into...

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IDEA.NB Student Spotlight: Meet the Students Promoting More Inclusive Workplaces in NB

Rikkie Guillemette, Jessica Copeland, Kiruthika Krishnasamy, Ruthie Stanley-Blackwell

Posted: Feb 2, 2024

Category: Pathways to Professions , Evidence-based Policy , Student Spotlights

IDEA.NB is an innovative Future GNB research stream within Pathways to Professions that is focused on fostering Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) within the Government of New Brunswick (GNB). In summer 2023, the IDEA.NB team’s goal was to help address the unique challenges faced by DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity) groups in GNB and provide a roadmap for...

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Exploring Health and Environment Interconnections with the Canadian Census Health and Environment Cohort (CanCHEC)

NB-RDC Staff

Posted: Jan 18, 2024

Category: Health , Datasets

Imagine a puzzle with pieces that show how our health is impacted by the world around us. That's what the Canadian Census Health and Environment Cohort (CanCHEC) is like—it's a big collection of information that helps us understand how we are connected to the environment. CanCHEC combines the long-form census respondents with administrative health data (e.g., mortality, cancer,...

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BoostNB Student Spotlight: Meet the Students Measuring New Brunswick’s Economic Progress

Leen, Minh Dao, Kiet Phan

Posted: Jan 15, 2024

Category: Economics , Student Spotlights , Pathways to Professions , Training

BoostNB has been a research stream in the Pathways to Professions experiential learning program since 2020, and in 2023 we welcomed three new students to continue the work of analyzing and sharing New Brunswick’s economic progress. The mission of BoostNB is to help boost knowledge of the NB economy and measure its progress towards specific goals and targets inspired by Nova Scotia’s...

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Value-For-MoneyNB Student Spotlight: Meet the Students Supporting Tourism through Website Analysis

Martina Berko, Shayna Cloutier, Chloe York

Posted: Dec 4, 2023

Category: Pathways to Professions , Student Spotlights

In 2023, NB-IRDT welcomed Value-For-MoneyNB to its Pathways to Professions experiential learning program for the first time as a Future GNB research stream. It is also part of a larger initiative undertaken by the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture to understand how well it is promoting New Brunswick businesses and if it could be better allocating its resources.   For 13...

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Ignite Student Spotlight: Meet the Students Conducting an Economic Analysis of the Fredericton Capital Region

Yara Bayoumi, Ivy Bialowas, Estefania Martinez

Posted: Nov 13, 2023

Category: Pathways to Professions , Partners , Student Spotlights , Population Research , Media , Economics , Training

Economic development is a key focus for researchers in New Brunswick, and this led NB-IRDT to partner with Ignite in 2023 to provide our Pathways to Professions (P2P) students with a key new experiential learning opportunity. For 13 weeks this summer, the 2023 Ignite student team worked under the mentorship of Andrew Lockhart (Director of Economic & Entrepreneurial Growth at Ignite) to develop...

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NB-IRDT and Under One Sky to Research Impact of Aboriginal Head Start Program in Urban and Northern Communities


Posted: Sep 27, 2023

Category: Partners , Youth

One of over 100 non-profit Friendship Centres in Canada, Under One Sky Friendship Centre supports Indigenous children aged 2-5 years (and their families) in the Fredericton area. Through their Aboriginal Head Start in Urban and Northern Communities (AHSUNC) program, the children complete activities that encourage social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth to better prepare them to enter...

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World Alzheimer’s Day: Learn About the Healthy Seniors Pilot Projects that are Researching Dementia in New Brunswick and Beyond


Posted: Sep 20, 2023

Category: Partners , Health

September 21st is World Alzheimer's Day. It is dedicated to raising awareness and breaking the stigma surrounding Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, as well as educating people about the condition and encouraging support for families and individuals living with dementia. To commemorate this day, we highlight a few of our Healthy Seniors Pilot Projects that focus on...

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HousingNB Student Spotlight: Meet the Students Making NB Housing Research More Accessible

Evan Smith, Tara Scott, Karlene Dalzell, Benz Trani

Posted: Sep 14, 2023

Category: Training , Pathways to Professions , Team News , Student Spotlights

What is HousingNB? New to P2P in 2023, HousingNB is a student research project led by NB-IRDT that aims to evaluate New Brunswick’s progress towards achieving its share of Canada’s National Housing Strategy (NHS) goals. Released in 2017, the NHS is a 10-year, $82 billion federal plan that aims to help Canadians access housing that meets their needs while reducing homelessness and...

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The Fourth Year of Pathways of Professions Comes to a Successful Close


Posted: Aug 24, 2023

Category: Training , Student Spotlights , Pathways to Professions

Each summer since 2020, NB-IRDT has hosted Pathways to Professions – a 13-week experiential learning program that provides post-secondary students in New Brunswick with the opportunity to participate in hands-on, NB-relevant research while attending a full curriculum of networking sessions and skills-boosting workshops. Pathways to Professions (P2P) is an annual highlight for NB-IRDT, and...

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Canadian Pharmacists Journal Publishes NB-IRDT Research on Pharmacist-Administered Vaccines


Posted: Aug 8, 2023

Category: Team News , Health , Media , Partners

An NB-IRDT research study recently published in the Canadian Pharmacists Journal projects the health and economic outcomes of using public funding to cover the cost of pharmacists administering pneumonia vaccines (Pneu23) and tetanus boosters (Td/Tdap) to New Brunswick adults (19 years and up). While NB pharmacists are able to provide a wide range of immunizations, many of these are not...

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Lunch and Learn - Data Privacy and AI: What’s the Issue?


Posted: Aug 2, 2023

Category: Training , Events

The prevalence of Artificial Intelligence brings with it a wealth of opportunity for many fields, especially data research.  However, it also presents several challenges when it comes to privacy and ethics that have the potential to impact the future of data privacy negatively. These challenges must be addressed sooner rather than later. On November 22, 2023, join Dr. Donna Curtis...

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Call for First-Time Families to Inform NB-IRDT’s Expanding Research on Healthy Families, Healthy Babies


Posted: Jul 31, 2023

Category: Partners , Health

  Are you a first-time parent whose baby was born in New Brunswick within the last 18 months? If so, our researchers want to learn from your experiences!   We are looking for 2-4 New Brunswick parents to join us for 2 virtual meetings (1 hour each, with compensation provided), during which you will have the opportunity to share your valuable insights and lived experience to help...

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New Brunswick Pharmacist Care Clinic Program Promises Increased Access to Healthcare


Posted: Jul 26, 2023

Category: Media , Health , Team News

Hoping to address the long-standing struggle of reliable healthcare access in the province, a 12-month pilot project seeks to revolutionize healthcare services in New Brunswick. Starting on August 1st, 2023, pharmacists will have increased authority to assess chronic conditions and prescribe treatments at two NB pharmacies, with four more locations beginning operations by September 18th....

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Looking Forward: Five More Years of Research on Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour in New Brunswick


Posted: Jul 20, 2023

Category: Training , Labour Markets

NB-IRDT is not a government organization, but we are proud to support our provincial government by providing data-informed evidence that can help guide policy discussions and decisions. A new 5-year research contract with the NB Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL) is allowing us to keep doing just that. Since NB-IRDT’s official launch back in 2015, the...

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From Classroom to Career: Analyzing the Earnings of NBCC Graduates


Posted: Jun 14, 2023

Category: Population Research , Education

Researchers at NB-IRDT are busy producing a new report series with the aim of building a comprehensive body of work on New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) students and graduates. The first report (released May 2023) looked at the mobility and retention of NBCC graduates. It found that most New Brunswickers who attended NBCC study at campuses near their hometowns – but whether they...

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Call for Public Partners


Posted: Jun 12, 2023

Category: Team News

The New Brunswick Institute for Research, Data and Training (NB-IRDT) is seeking New Brunswick residents to join their Data and Research Committee (DRC) Working Group as Public Partners. NB-IRDT is a research and data institute that collects and uses data to carry out research that informs policymaking in New Brunswick. About the NB-IRDT Data Research Committee The NB-IRDT DRC serves an...

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NB-IRDT Director Contributes to Establishment of Real World Evidence Guidelines for Decision Making


Posted: Jun 5, 2023

Category: Media , Team News

Clinical trials are a critical element of pharmaceutical safety and effectiveness, providing essential information about their effects, and side effects, in a variety of circumstances. The positive impact of clinical trials can often come with limitations, however. Are there long-term effects beyond the duration of the trial? Does the drug in question function differently in the real world,...

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