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Retention and Labour Market Outcomes of Registered Apprentices in New Brunswick

Author: NB-IRDT Staff

Posted on Nov 1, 2021

Category: Media , Economics


Apprenticeships are a long-standing and valuable part of the training and education system in New Brunswick). Over the last decade, interests in apprenticeship programs have risen, driven chiefly by concerns over current and future shortages of tradespersons. Efforts to encourage young Canadians, especially those not university-bound, to become skilled tradespersons have increased in hopes of remedying shortages within skilled trades.

In a recently released report, the New Brunswick Institute for Research, Data and Training looks at the trades certificates granted and apprentices registered in the province over the last decade and answers the following questions:

  • Are there differences in income and retention over time for those following an apprenticeship versus a trade qualifier pathway?
  • Which trade groups have the highest income, retention, and certification in NB? Have there been changes over time?
  • Are there differences in the labour market outcomes of those certifying in a Red Seal trade vs those in a Non-Red Seal trade?
  • Does a Red Seal Endorsement matter in the NB labour market?

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