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Disease Pathway Management in Lung Cancer Care: Reducing Wait Time for Diagnosis and Treatment

Author: Dr. Tony Reiman, Samantha Fowler

Posted on Sep 29, 2021

Category: Events

The research

Under the supervision of Dr. Tony Reiman, there is a program of myeloma research underway at the Saint John Regional Hospital. Two noteworthy projects are the Multiple Myeloma Molecular Monitoring (M4) cohort study and the Canadian Myeloma Priority Setting Partnership (PSP). Although the focus of these two projects is vastly different; there share the goal of improving the lives of those affected by myeloma. 

The M4 study, an investigator-initiated prospective cohort study, is currently in the process of enrolling 250 newly diagnosed myeloma patients across Canada. The team will evaluate the biological samples from these participants using newer, more precise laboratory tests, including novel gene sequencing techniques and laboratory tests to detect minimal residual disease, and evaluate the sensitivity of these tests compared to one another and PET scans. Furthermore, the team will conduct analyses to examine the development of treatment resistance and the growth of new cancer cells. They will also collect information on how each patient’s health and quality of life changes during and after treatments, and what are the associated costs with these new approaches – to both the healthcare system and patients. In terms of future research, Dr. Reiman and his team partnered with Myeloma Canada and the James Lind Alliance to identify the Top 10 priorities for future myeloma research that are shared among people living with myeloma, caregivers, and healthcare providers. Guided by a pan-Canadian steering group with representation from each of these groups, the team conducted two national surveys to elicit and prioritize questions about myeloma, a comprehensive literature review to determine whether the resulting questions were answered by previous research, and a final consensus-building workshop to arrive at a Top 10 list. This list will be disseminated widely to research funders to inform the funding of myeloma research through government agencies and foundations, and researchers to spur original research and systematic reviews related to these priorities.

The presentation

The presenters




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