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Data Services at NB-IRDT: How Can We Help You?

Author: Donna Curtis-Maillet

Posted on Sep 22, 2021

Category: Events

NB-IRDT provides secure access to a variety of New Brunswick administrative data, which is available for world-class research to help inform policy decisions. 

But where does a researcher start if they want to access NB-IRDT? How can data be shared with NB-IRDT? And how does one go about accessing these data? 

The NB-IRDT Data Services Team is here to answer these questions and to bridge the gap between a research question and the data necessary to answer that question. The Data Services Team works with researchers and data partners to facilitate all the necessary steps of the life cycle of secondary data – from access to dissemination of the research findings. 

The goal of this session is to answer your questions regarding how researchers and data partners can engage with NB-IRDT and take advantage of all it has to offer. Presented by NB-IRDT Data Services Team members using practical examples throughout, this session’s topics will include:

  • How to become a data partner with NB-IRDT             
  • How data are shared with NB-IRDT 
  • How to request access to data held by NB-IRDT 
  • How data are released from NB-IRDT 

And more!

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