Instructions & Help

How to view the videos

The video-training website uses both QuickTime and Flash format. In order view the video demonstrations, you will need either the latest Adobe Flash player or QuickTime player.

Once you have installed them, you are set to go!

How it Works

For a list of the new Word 2007 terms used in the videos, please click here.

The ETD Video Training course is divided up into numerous sections so you can view them at your own pace and easily navigate to the topic of your choice. To access the videos, click the Table of Contents: The Videos link on the right navigational menu.

Once you are at the table of contents page, simply click a desired topic to view the demonstration video. The link is defaulted to the Flash version; however, you will have a choice between the Flash and QuickTime versions by clicking on the appropriate icon next to the topic name:

quicktime for QuickTime

Flash for Flash

Note: If you click the Flash link, you will go to another UNB webpage with the video embedded in it. If you clicked the QuickTime link, it will take you to a blank page with the video.

If you need any further assistance, please contact Rob Glencross.