University of New Brunswick Saint John

UNB Saint John

UNB Saint John can take you places you never dreamed a university could.

Like a classroom where the professor knows your name, or knee-deep into a muddy marsh in the name of research. UNB Saint John can take you toward your own future.

With 3,000 students, UNB Saint John provides a learning experience tailored to your interests. Classes are interactive with award winning instructors and provide opportunities for you to debate, question, work, and practice in labs or clinicals.

The Saint John campus, located in New Brunswick's largest city, was established in 1964 and has enrollment of approximately 2,500 students including nursing and health sciences degree programs.

It's about experience as well as knowledge.

DaDalhouse University logolhousie Medicine New Brunswick (DMNB)

DMNB is an innovative program that provides residents of New Brunswick the opportunity to complete the full medical degree while living in their home province.

It is an expansion of Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine with students attending class in Saint John for the first two years and then completing their clerkships across New Brunswick.

The program admits 30 students from New Brunswick each year and is co-located at UNB Saint John.  Construction is being completed on research labs to allow new biomedical researchers a place to focus on their cardiovascular research.

NeNBCC logow Brunswick Community College (NBCC)

Start achieving your potential at any one of our six locations by joining a community where ideas are freely exchanged and life-long friendships are formed.

You benefit from hands-on training, state-of-the-art equipment and real-world work experiences.
NBCC is more than just textbooks and classrooms. From the day you arrive until graduation, we are a platform that encourages you to reach higher, take risks and achieve great things.

At the NBCC Allied Health Education Center, co-located at UNB Saint John, approximately 300 students and 35 faculty are engaged in eight allied health education programs.

Horizon Health Network

Horizon Health NetworkHorizon Health Network is Atlantic Canada's largest health authority with expertise in diverse areas of health and community services.

Horizon Health Network serves the population of the regions of Miramichi, Moncton, Saint John and Fredericton and the Upper River Valley.  It also has provincial responsibility for some tertiary health care and a number of unique provincial programs.

Horizon Health Network is a leader within New Brunswick for research, medical education, and patient care.